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NDA coaching in Dehradun


National Defence Academy (NDA) Examination is held twice every year for the recruitment of candidates into Navy, Army and Air force wings of the National Defence Academy. The Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) holds this entrance exam generally in the months of April and September.
This is a great opportunity for aspirants to be a part of the prestigious National Defence Academy. It is a national level exam and hence a large number of aspirants appear for it every year.


The candidates applying for the exam should first ensure that they fulfil the eligibility conditions:
Age Limit, Marital status and Sex
Only unmarried male candidates are allowed to sit for this examination.
Candidates should not be born earlier than July 2, 2000 and not later than July 1, 2003.
Girls are not eligible for this examination.

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For Army Wing of the NDA: The candidates should be 12th pass of the 10+2 pattern or equivalent from a recognized board or university. The appearing candidates of class 12th can also apply.
For Air Force and Naval Wing of the NDA: The candidates should be 12th pass of the 10 +2 pattern or equivalent from a recognized board or university with mathematics and physics as subjects. The appearing candidates of 12th class can also apply.


The candidates appearing for the NDA exam should be physically and mentally fit according to the physical standards of the NDA. The candidates should be free from any kind of disease or disability. They should not be weak, underweight or overweight. They should have a well-developed chest not less than 81 cm. Moreover, candidates should not suffer from any kind of impairment of bones or joints. They should not have any past history of fits or mental breakdown. They should have normal hearing and normal blood pressure.

Candidates that are selected by the Services Selection Board will have to go through a medical exam and those who hence declared fit by the medical board would be then admitted to the Academy.


The NDA exam is conducted in offline mode. It consists of objective type questions. There is negative marking of 0.33 marks for every wrong answer.

PAPER                                                NUMBER OF QUESTIONS               MARKS     DURATION
PAPER I: MATHEMATICS                                 120                                               300           150 min
PAPER II: GENERAL ABILITY TEST            150                                               600            150 min

The UPSC prepares a list of candidates who secure the minimum qualifying marks in the written exam that are fixed by the Commission. These candidates shall then appear before the Services Selection Board (SSB) for the Intelligence and Personality test. Two Stage Selection Procedure has been introduced by the SSB namely, Psychological Aptitude Test and Intelligence Test.
Candidates to get selected for NDA should obtain the minimum qualifying marks separately in the Written Exam as well as the Officer Potential Test.


This subject consists of the following topics:
Algebra: Venn diagrams, arithmetic and geometric progressions, quadratic equations, complex numbers, permutation and combination, etc.
Matrices and Determinants: Types and operations on matrices, determinant, adjoints and inverse.
Trigonometry: Angles, trigonometrical identities, inverse trigonometric functions, heights and distances, etc.
Analytic Geometry of two or three dimensions: Distance formula, parabola, hyperbola, equation of a sphere, etc.
Differential Calculus: Range and graph of a function, composite functions, derivative of a function, increasing and decreasing functions, etc.
Integral Calculus and Differential Equations: Integration, its applications, etc.
Vector Algebra: Unit and null vectors, vectors in two and three dimensions, magnitude and direction, etc.
Statistics and Probability: frequency distribution, histograms, pie charts, probability problems, etc.

This paper tests the candidates’ general understanding of English and use of words to test the candidates’ proficiency in English. It test:
Grammar and its usage

This subject broadly covers the following topics:
Physics: Mass, weight, volume, velocity, gravity, heat, simple pendulum, conductors, etc.
Chemistry: Elements, mixtures, chemical equations, cement, acids bases and salts, fertilizers, etc.
General Science: Living and non-living things, growth and reproduction, food, comets, eclipses, body and its organs, etc.
History and Culture: Civilizations, Mahatma Gandhi, Renaissance, different Revolutions, Democracy, socialism, communism, etc.
Geography: The Earth, latitudes and longitudes, rocks and their classifications, atmospheric pressure, earthquakes and volcanoes, natural vegetation, etc.
Current Affairs: Important events and current affairs, current world events, cultural activities and sports, awards, prominent national and international personalities, etc.

The SSB procedure comprises of two stages.
Stage I comprises of the Officer Intelligence Rating (OTR) test that is basically Picture Perception and Description test (PP&DT). The candidates that qualify this stage will be allowed to appear for the next stage.
Stage II includes Group Testing Officer Tasks, Interview, Psychology Tests and Conference. These tests take four days.
BE PREPARED FOR THE INTERVIEW: the whole interview preparation depends on a candidate’s personality and confidence. Therefore, it is necessary for a candidate to work on improving these two important aspects of their life. Do not underestimate yourself and do not doubt your abilities. Improve your communication skills. Increase your knowledge of the armed forces. Go through the commonly asked questions and practice mock interviews.

nda coaching in dehradun


HOW TO PREPARE for NDA Coaching in Dehradun
The complete selection procedure and the physical standards required for this exam explain the difficulty level of the NDA exam. NDA not only needs candidates that have incredible personality and courage but also who are physically and mentally fit. This exam requires a consistent strategy along with hard work.
The first and foremost mantra is to work smart not just hard. You need to make sure that all your efforts are productive and not wasteful. You need to focus on making your weak areas strong so that you are prepared to tackle any type problem.
Form a proper strategy and improve your time management. Even if you are working hard but without any proper strategy, the chances of your selection are very less.
Divide your syllabus in such a way that you can cover it before the exam. Revise and re-revise consistently.
Practice previous year’s papers and keep yourself updated by reading a newspaper regularly.
Stay calm and relaxed. Learn relaxation techniques to ease your mind in tensed and difficult situations.
Engage in physical activities to stay physically fit. Physically fitness standards of NDA cannot be taken lightly. It is therefore extremely necessary that you maintain your fitness. Start your fitness routine and focus on stamina building exercises.
Lastly, this exam preparation requires daily effort so make the best of all the time that you get to prepare.

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