Can an average student clear CDS Exam? best CDS coaching in Dehradun


India’s first NDA handbook of Maths and English, these books are must have for last minute quick revision of all the important concepts and formulas. 

It is a feeling of pride if you get to know as a part of Defence and contributing in serving the nation. Very few deserving people get this chance to earn respect.

If you also want to get know as a personnel in Indian Army, Navy or Airforce then you have to qualify the entrance examination to get an entry. CDS (Combined Defence Services) is an entrance examination of Defence that held every year to select the best candidates for recruitment.

It is a high-level examination that needs proper guidance to qualify. You can join the best CDS coaching in Dehradun to qualify this exam. Here you will get proper preparation and training which is required to crack a tough entrance exam such as CDS.

Well, a common conception is that only brilliant students can crack high-level entrance exams like CDS. It is just a myth, average students can also crack CDS exam with hard work. They need to put extra efforts to qualify CDS exam.

Before you start preparing for CDS exam, you should know the basics of the examination such as examination pattern, the structure of question paper, total marks, total questions, duration, subjects need to study etc. You can also get this information from the best CDS coaching in Dehradun where you are planning to join for quality coaching classes. Here are some important tips to help average students to clear CDS exam.

  • Practice last year question papers

Solving question papers are always a good practice to prepare for any competitive exam. The candidates who are appearing for CDS exam should also practice last years question papers. It helps you to get an idea about the type of questions asked, subjects need to study, the area where you need to improve etc. You can get question papers of previous years online.


  • Make a study plan

Proper planning is very important to achieve anything. To prepare for CDS exam, you also need to plan for the study. To start with planning your study, first of all, you need to understand the topics you are strong and in which area you are weak.

It helps to prioritize the topics you need to cover for CDS preparation. Focus more on practising the topics you are weak, also practice the stronger topics on regular basis to stay in touch with the concepts. The main strategy for good preparation of CDS is practice.

Practice makes a person perfect, hence practice section-wise for CDS exam as much as you can. Being an average student, you can join the best CDS coaching in Dehradun to get proper guidelines for CDS preparation.

  • Make your own notes

Most of the students have this problem “I can’t remember the topics which I have learnt”. Well, to overcome from this problem you can try one thing which is quite helpful to remember the learnt topics. You can write down the topics you already learnt.

Writing is a very good practice to recollect the studied topics. CDS exam is quite tough and an average student has to work hard to get success. Writing down the topics you studied is a very good practice to empower the knowledge of a student.


  • Take breaks in between

Proper break in between study time is equally important to rest your mind and body. Do not push yourself too hard to prepare for any exam. Health is wealth, so take good care of your health as well. Have healthy food and take proper breaks to energize yourself.


  • Join coaching institute

Most of the students prefer to join the best CDS coaching in Dehradun to qualify this exam. The experienced teachers of the institute will provide you proper guidance to prepare for CDS exam. The teachers will help in all the areas where you need their guidance such as, what should be your study plan, which is the best study material, what aisthe topic you need to prepare for etc.

If you have any query regarding best CDS Coaching in Dehradun then call us @7983670811

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