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Disclaimer - देहरादून डिफेंस अकादमी के प्रतिष्ठित नाम को बदनाम करने वाले संस्थानों से सावधान रहें/ हमारी कोई शाखा नहीं है। हमारे जैसे समान नाम का उपयोग करने वाले नकली संस्थानों से सावधान रहें।


Disclaimer for Dehradun Defence Academy

Our website www.dehradundefenceacademy.com is an information provider through online media. The users are requested to read this document carefully before visiting our website because it is subject to their consent to the terms and conditions. By visiting the website, the users are agreed to the terms and conditions described below in this document. www.dehradundefenceacademy.com has the right to modify the agreement as & when it is required and these modifications will be effective immediately once the modified agreement is posted. Let’s have a look on the terms and conditions of the document.


Copyright and Licensing

 The whole contents of the website www.dehradundefenceacadem.com are secured by international copyright and trademark norms. The website itself is the owner of the copyright and trademarks. The users are not allowed for modification, copying, regenerating, republishing, uploading or posting etc. any of the material in any way including contents, graphics, code or any software etc. The users may take the print out or can download the portions of the material from different sections of our website but only for non-commercial usage. The users are not allowed to modify or delete any copyright notifications from the material. The users permit to www.dehradundefenceacademy.com have the right to use their name in connection with the submitted material and other information also along with advertising, marketing, promotional activities as well.


Utilization of the website

 Our website does not operate, control and endorse any data, products or services on the internet in any mode except for data, products or services identified as being provided by www.dehradundefenceacademy.com. Apart from our website, all other information, products, services are offered via website or internet are usually provided by third parties. This information, products, services are not affiliated with our website. The users also need to understand that our website does not offer any guarantee or warranty that the files available on our website for downloading are free from viruses, worms, Trojans or any other code that may cause destruction to your properties. It is the responsibility of the users to do the necessary procedure to maintain the security of their properties.



 By visiting the website the users agree to defend and hold our website www.dehradundefenceacademy.com, our directors, employee, teaching staff members, agents, faculties, licensors, suppliers and any third party information provider to the service and for all damages, expenses, costs, losses effecting from any violation of this agreement by any of the user who access the service.


Restriction of Liability 

www.deradundefenceacadem.com is not liable for –

  1. Any kind of incident, consequence or damage caused indirectly due to use of the service or inability to use the service OR any information, data or transaction offered on the service OR any kind of downloading errors OR any kind of delay in information or service.


  1. Any kind of claim for errors, omissions or any other accuracy issues in the service or materials or data/information downloaded through the service. The reason being few states not permit the exclusion or restriction of liability for incidental or situational damages, the above restriction may not be applicable in your case. In these situations, www.dehradundefenceacademy.com liability is restricted to the greatest extent as per the rules & regulation of Law.


Third Party Permission

The significance of these paragraphs- “Utilization of the website and Security” described above in the agreement are for the advantages of www.dehradundefenceacademy.com and also for its directors, employee, teaching staff members, agents, faculties, licensors, suppliers and any third party information provider to the service. All these individuals are permitted to claim those provisions directly against the user on its own behalf.



The agreement will be governed by the Laws of India and anything related to it will also be performed in India. The users agreed to any legal proceeding between www.dehradundefenceacademy.com and them for any purpose concerned to this agreement will be taken in a federal or state court of competency jurisdiction sitting in the country. Any kind of claim you have with the service should be started within one year after the claim comes into existence or such claim is barred. Our website may allow its rights and responsibilities to any third party at any point in time under this agreement without any notification to its users.

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