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Indian Army coaching in Dehradun – Dehradun Defence Academy


Join Indian Army GD best Indian Army Coaching in Dehradun.

To become an Army Officer is a proud feeling for the youths of India and their family as well. To be a part of Indian Army is an honour for anyone. It is not that easy to join Indian Army, people have to earn this opportunity after struggling a lot. If you are passionate to serve your country rather than choosing the Indian Army as a career option then this is the right field for you. The eligible candidates can join Indian Army either at Officer’s Rank OR at Other Ranks. Sometimes the candidates do not figure out the correct way to approach Indian Army. These candidates are welcomed to get admission Army training center in Dehradun Defence Academy which is the best Indian Army Coaching in Dehradun.indian army coaching in dehradun


How to get entry at Officer Ranks in the Indian Army under the guidelines of Army GD Coaching in Dehradun

There is no direct way to get entry into the Indian Army at Officer Rank. There are eligibility criteria that candidates have to fulfil to get recruitment in Indian Army. We have described the modes of entry in Indian Army at Officer Rank.


  • Entry through the NDA Exam (National Defence Academy Exam)

  • First of all, it is very important that the candidates applying for the NDA exam must be an Indian national.
  • Only male candidates are allowed to apply for NDA examination.
  • The candidates must have attained the age of 16 years but not more than 19 years.
  • The candidates should have cleared Higher Secondary Education in any discipline from a recognized Board.
  • The candidates who are waiting for the results of 12th standard examination can also apply for NDA exam.
  • The candidates also have to undergo a fitness test as per set standards by the Indian Army.
  • Candidates who are ready to Join NDA can take admission for NDA Coaching in Dehradun at Dehradun Defence Academy


  • Entry through CDSE (Combined Defence Services Exam)

  • The candidates must have a Graduation degree in any discipline from a recognized University.
  • The minimum age to apply for CDSE is 19 years and the maximum age is 24 years.
  • The candidates should be an Indian citizen to apply for CDSE.
  • As far as the marital status is a concern, all the candidates applying for the CDSE exam must be unmarried.
  • The candidates also have to pass the physical test after qualifying CDSE to get recruitment at Officer Ranks.
  • Candidates who are ready to Join Defence take admission for CDS Coaching in Dehradun at Dehradun Defence Academy

Indian Army Coaching in Dehradun

  • Entry for Engineering Graduates

  • A candidate after completing his Graduation in Engineering can join Indian Army directly. He has to attend SSB Interview for selection.
  • An Engineering Graduate must have an Engineering degree from a recognized University.
  • He must have aged between 20 to 27 years.
  • An Engineering Graduate should be an Indian national and also need to be an unmarried candidate.


  • Entry through University Scheme

  • The Engineering Graduation candidates appearing in final and pre-final years are also eligible to apply for Indian Army in Officer Ranks.
  • These candidates are allowed for induction into technical posts of Indian Army as Commissioned Officers.
  • The candidates should be appearing in final and pre-final years of Engineering from a recognized University.
  • The age limitation for final year candidates is 19 to 25 years, whereas for pre-final candidates it is 18 to 24 years.
  • The nationality of the Engineering candidates must be Indian and they should be single.


How to get an entry in Other Ranks in Indian Army 


For entry into other ranks in Indian Army, you need to visit the nearest recruitment office OR Head Quarter Recruitment Zone. However, the dates for recruitment rallies will also be updated in local newspapers. Hence it is advised to the interested candidates to read newspapers on regular basis to stay updated for the recruitment happenings in Indian Army.


Officer’s Ranks in Indian Army

We are here to provide you with the best NDA coaching in Dehradun aslo provide NDA Coaching after 10th in Dehradun. Here you will get to learn theory to pass written examination and practical activities as well to clear SSB Interview. But apart from these practices, we also believe in providing some in & out information of Indian Army. Likewise, we have given the list of Officer’s Ranks in Indian Army that one may promote on providing the best services to Indian Army and our country. If you join Indian Army as a Lieutenant then the progress will move in this order.


  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General


Life in Indian Army

 When we think about Indian Army, what is the first thought that comes to our mind? The first thing we think about is the “Discipline”. Not only the Indian Army but all the Defence sectors are known for its discipline, duties, responsibilities and best services. The soldiers have complete dedication towards their nation. They are always ready to work for their country even if the conditions are not suitable. We being the civilians feel safe because of our soldiers. We know that the soldiers are like a safeguard for us.


Why approach Dehradun Defence Academy to get entry into the Indian Army? 

 Well, the first thing you should know about Dehradun Defence Academy is that it is not a recruitment firm. It is a coaching centre which provides the Army Coaching centre in Dehradun. If you wish to join Indian Army then Dehradun Defence Academy is just a step ahead of you. At our academy, you will get the best infrastructure and best faculty to prepare you for written examinations, SSB Interviews and physical training institute in dehradun.

The coaching will move ahead step by step following the syllabus of the examinations to join the Indian Army. Each and every candidate will get focus from the teachers. The complete track record will be maintained for each student so that you will get to know the areas where you need improvement. Special attention will be given to weaker areas. Regular tests will be conducted to get better performance from the candidates.


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