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P.Thomas Abraham

Our world is a global village where education plays a important role in every person’s life. It was the same for me also when I finished my school education I was determined by myself to join defence college to achieve NDA, but there was a confusion about which college is suitable to achieve my dreams and then I got to know about Dehradun Defence Academy. Last year myself along with my parents went to Dehradun to see my college. The moment was very energetic and enthusiastic.

However English sir and Joshi sir have some improvement issues like they go very fast and more likely to be angry. If these improvements are improve then it is damn sure to be the best institute for ever.

Online Classes

Due to the lockdown which started on March 23rd our 10th exams were postponed and near while our college sirs were thinking or finding a way out so that we may not feel the pressure of studies so they started online classes in zoom app. In this way I got introduce to 4 sirs and many friends. Now I will be so happy and respectful to write about all the 4 sirs.

Saurabh Sir

Saurabh sir is the most energetic and encouraging sir I have ever seen. He never disappoints any student by scolding; instead sir each and every word turns into every inspiration. One day when I will crack NDA sir I will make sure that you will be proud of yourself. Till now I have no negative about you sir.

Ankit Mishra Sir

Ankit sir is known for his gentleness and patience. Even though I am an average student at mathematics in your presence I feel I am able to solve each and every sum. Thank you so much for your support sir. Only thing I expect sir is that you start teaching way using small examples and then go for a complex example.

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I always have a dream to serve the nation from my childhood only and wanted to go to army because most of my neighbor family has a member in armed forces but no one from my house so I decided that I will get a change in my family and then I came to know about NDA which is the most prestigious academy in the world but to get in there requires a lot of hard work after then I came to know about Dehradun Defence Academy which is the best institute in dehradun. So I convinced my parents that I want to take admission over there and they supported me as well. In the first few days I faced a bit of problems because due to my late joining but Saurabh sir has given me extra classes which helped to come with the class and I really loved it. From the starting only I really don’t like history at all but after I joined this academy I have started loving history and in classes’ sir also use to ask questions regularly which also make my confidence boost up and sir also provide us with his hand written which decreases our work. And about maths, I really loved maths that is why I have not faced any much difficulty in it and Ankit sir also made my doubts clear and gives us many questions. But I am facing a bit difficulty in English portion otherwise the faculty is great and I had a really great experience in such a less amount of time and I hoped that my experience would be good in the future time too. And I loved Dehradun Defence Academy.

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Hardik Yadav

Dehradun Defence Academy is one of the best institutes for the preparation of entrance exams in defence. As it provides the environment to each and every student to develop their weak points into stronger point to check not only exams but also to do better in life. They create a positive atmosphere for students to encourage them at every point like they don’t say you don’t have this quality, “you cannot become officer “instead of quality to be a officer. This positiveness of teachers creates a great mindset of students. Also online classes provided by the institution is very interactive. Every student being focused and asked for any queries. The difference seems to be negligible between online classes and daily classroom classes. The faculty is well qualified not only qualified but also experienced. Their way of teaching is unique and quite easier for students to grabs the main concept. Teachers also help me to highlight the topics, concepts to reduce my burden and level up my knowledge. Every day I join the classroom I learn something new and interesting daily. I became a better version of myself. Especially our maths teacher Ankit sir clears my misconception regarding maths as boring and a tough subject.

His way of teaching just made me to like maths. He pay attention to every student among us also our English and G.S. teacher Saurabh sir his way of teaching is just uncomparable. He makes every History lecture so interesting and the way he clears our doubts. He not only have a good hold on his subject but also have vast knowledge about many other topics other than his subject. Also the study material provided by the institute is excellent. Everything you need to know to crack the exam is available in the study notes. Join the institute makes me more confident about cracking my upcoming NDA/NA exam. Coming to Dehradun Defence Academy is matter of proud for me to secure my future. One you step in Dehradun Defence Academy you will step out as a successful and grate person if you follow your teachers. Thanks to DDA for making me so confident.

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Divyansh Gaur

I have chosen to be part of national Defence Academy in Dehradun because India is a country with full of brave people and they can do everything for our nation. Then I took the opportunity in studying in this academy. Where I had learn new things in the heart of Dehradun.
This Academy is the best choice if we’re cracking the exam of NDA because in this academy studies programme helps me in gaining lots of knowledge. I enjoy the lesson a lot because our teachers teach us how to discuss things backup our point of view with arguments personally my studding taught me to thing independently and use the knowledge. As students, many teachers and educators will pass through our lives without remembrance. Yet a special few will leave a lasting impression our academy teachers are being one of the special educators who will on forever in our minds. I may not have show it. But I am highly grateful for Saurabh sir to have had such an awesome teacher like him. If their were a Nobel prize for best teachers I am sure would get it. Not only Saurabh sir but also all the teachers of NDA coaching. I would highly thankful to you for being such an amazing persons and a true Inspirations in my life.

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Aditya Thapliyal

The thing I love about Dehradun Defence Academy is the coaching is very good, not good but excellent.

When I started studying I felt so confident about my studies. My basics were not so strong but by the support of excellent coaching my basics became too strong. Its about teachers from whom I got so much knowledge. They taught us with lot of affection. They told us about our qualities and also about our weak points. They don’t give us bookish knowledge but practical knowledge. Saurabh sir practical and humorous attitude is praiseworthy. The mathematics class of Ankit sir is also adorable & effective. The inspiring lectures made by each teacher have helped us to learn only one thing to concentrate and focus on one goal that is Indian army forces.

I commend every aspirant to come and learn because it will not only help in defence but also will help in every sphere of life.

My love for it is, Dehradun Defence Academy should reach on top of all academies.

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Ritik kumar

I’m Ritik kumar from Uttrakhand. I love to serve my country so I had step forward towards defence and I would like to join Indian Air force. So when I have discussed about it with my sir he suggest me and my parents about NDA (National Defence Academy) exam. That for me NDA best option for me with this I have decided to crack NDA as my aim of my life. When I have cleared my 10th exam I decide to prepare for NDA with schooling. So I choose Dehradun Defence Academy for this. It is the best NDA coaching institutes in Dehradun with schooling here all the faculties are very cooperative. One of them Saurabh sir he teach us GS which is the very important subject for NDA in a very fine manner. He always clears my doubts when I ask him. Now one of them is Ankit sir he is also very cooperative. He teaches us maths which is also a very important subject for exam. He also clear my all the doubts.

Now about Varun joshi sir he is one of the best faculties in DDA for English. He always clear my all the doubts.

With this I felt it as the best institute among all the others. I’m very much satisfied with the online classes which are going on at present. They give me a hope that I can crack SSB surely.

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Sachein VG

I am Sachein VG from Tamil Nadu. I have chosen navy as my career and found that NDA is the best way for that. I needed a support and heard about the Dehradun Defence Academy Google. When I first joined I felt how could I manage but the teachers are really a pillar and giving support. Teachers are kind and friendly. They teach a lesson in which everyone would pay attention. They teach us a lesson in an interesting way. This would be the support that I may need to crack the NDA course. I think this would be a best way for cracking the NDA examination and I and happy that I have chosen the right path.

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Karthikeya Gabbili

At the age of 13 I have decided to dedicate my life to the Indian Air force. In order to achieve my goal I have to pass out from National Defence Academy. After a lot of research in the Internet I found out that Dehradun Defence Academy is the best place that I was searching for. I liked all the facilities that are available in the academy. I was even able to meet with Saurabh Sir who is a very good teacher he also started some online classes which were very helpful to me any in the lockdown period. Now I am in a relief that I have chosen the right place to crack NDA in the first try also the YouTube and telegram videos are very helpful. I appreciate the help from the academy.

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India has the second most largest army in the world. I feel proud but it this possible without brave hearts who can do anything in terms to achieve this position of India. This is just because India has full of brave hearts who can do anything in terms to achieve the security of our motherland. I wished to be like them. But I was not well informed that how could I achieve my dream. I come to know about NDA. But the path of NDA is quite difficult because many mean who have a dream to serve their motherland. I feel that I need proper guidance to clear NDA examination so I decided to take admission in DDA (Dehradun Defence Academy). Dehradun Defence Academy A have qualified and experienced teachers who knows that how to guide a students. I have taken many classes then I realized that they are not only qualified or experienced they are friendly and co-operative too. They give proper guidance to all their students. Their method of teaching is really excellent.

They make me understand the concept in a very easy way I take interest even in boring topics because they make that interesting too. They provide proper notes related to the topics one of the best thing about this academy that I feel a part from mental or physical preparation one needs confidence to clear NDA and the teacher of this academy (DDA) always support us and boost our confidence to achieve my dreams I really feel from a depth of my heart that I have given my future in right hand and they will lead my future in great future.

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Raghav Neekhra

To be honest of had heart a lot about Dehradun Defence Academy but really was not sure what they did, I have spent couple of days with DDA which help me to get in proper study programme and explored more about facts and figures which are helping me to broader my knowledge base and preparing to combat the future examination like NDA as well as 12th boards. The best thing I want to confess that the DDA is the best coaching academy for defence examination with well equip facilities and experienced staff passionate with their work for students & helping us to cover the syllabus & tips, tricks to crack the exam.

As DDA focus on smart study rather than hard study which helps us to make study interactive and enjoyable with lifelong learning up till how of had wonderful experience and many more about future plans. Now I am happy that I have chosen the perfect academy.

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Ayush Pratap Singh

Do being an army ward I always wanted to join army but during those days I don’t know about the whole process and hence. I was not very sure about achieving my dreams. But as a grew up I got to new about NDA and stuff. I found how I am join army and can be like my dad. But I also got to know about the difficulties and competition which every child has to face before entering NDA. And that made me feel very unsure about my choice to join NDA. But as we know I there is a wish there is a will. And hence I found some information about Dehradun Defence Academy. And that was the first time when I found a hope or way to achieve my dreams. But when me and my parents decided to join DDA a new problem came in our way and it was nothing but the corona virus or covid is. For a short period of time I was unconfident about my decision to join DDA but soon when I thought about the result of if. My hope was revived and the journey of a future soldier started again inside me. But still I don’t know very much about DDA but the thing I know is that the teachers of DDA are the people who can make any campus a training ground for us. And I believe that my decision to join DDA will lead me to a great future.

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Md. Sadiq

Myself MD.SADIQ from 11 standard studying in Dehradun Defence Academy, Uttarakhand. During this difficult phase when the entire world is fighting with deadly Covid -19 and went into a lockdown mood.
Our school students are leading a very happy and regular school life sitting right back at home. My school is providing online classes which are taken by our dear teachers under the guidance of management of our school.

We are also been allotted time and as per the given schedule iam pretty much enjoying to attend the classes.My school Dehradun Defence Academy has once again proved that it is a school where “learning never stops”.

I am very much thankful for the management and the teachers of Dehradun Defence Academy for constantly guiding me even in this difficult time.



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