5 Most used Weapons by Indian Special Forces

Indian army officer

Indian armed forces, known for the fierce discipline, valiantness and exceptional skills who have won wars and have proved themselves again and again. India hosts one of the worlds best special forces ranging from SPG or special protection group, Garud Commando Force and the elite NSG or National Security Guard a.k.a. The Black Cats founded in October 1984.  To fight fiercely, along with courage, is required special weapons to enable the forces to utilise their potential in best possible manner.

In this article, we will explore 10 most lethal weapons that our esteemed forces have been equipped with to tackle enemies and make mincemeat out of the rebelling troops. Interested in Joining Indian army? get trained by the best NDA coaching in India. For now let’s move further.

1. Heckler & Koch MP5:

1. Heckler & Koch MP5: Indian Special Forces most used weapons

    The Heckler & Koch, German designed is a 9mm submachine gun OR SMG, which was developed in 1966 by a team of engineers in Germany. This Germany made SMG has over 100 variants and is extremely popular for its compact and reliable design. It is therefore without doubt the most widely used SMG by numerous military, law enforcement, intelligence, and security organizations. 

    2.T91 assault rifle:

     Indian Special Forces most used weapons

    Taiwanese T-91 assault rifle is a lesser known gun of the Indian Army. It may look like US M16 gun but it is equipped with many advanced modern feature. It is further development of the yet another Taiwanese gun T86 and was first developed in 2002 and was incorporated into Taiwanese army in late 2003. It became so successful that  by 2008 it replaced all service rifles of Taiwanese army and was adopted by atleast 6 other nations including India. 

    3. IWI Negev: 

    Indian Special Forces most used weapons.webp2

    Developed by Israel Weapon Industries (formerly Israel Military Industries (IMI)), Negev is a 5.56x45mm Light Machine Gun or LMG. It is next generation machine gun currently in use by Israel Defence forces. Indian Army placed the order in March 2020 to replace all the earlier used INSAS LMG and the same is now being used by Indian army since its delivery in Feb 2021. 

    4. SIG SG 550

    Indian Special Forces most used weapons

    SG 550 is a swiss made assault rifle which was manufactured by SIG Sauer AG. The power of SG series guns can be taken from the fact that it was designed in early 1970s and has been in service since 1990s. The rifle is hammer-fired and features tigger mechanism with ambidextrous safety and fire selector switch. It functions in 4 different modes from Safe to single fire to Burst and automatic fire. It was adopted in Indian by NSG early 2010 and is in use ever since. 

    5. IMI Galil Sniper

    5.IMI Galil Sniper-
 Indian Special Forces most used weapons

    Yet another masterpiece from Israel, IMI Galil is a family of Israel made AR- Automatic Rifle and is in service since 1972 which is quite remarkable. It is available in three different variants like Automatic Rifle Machine Gun, Automatic Rifle and Short Automatic Rifle. It is operated by Kalashnikov patter Gas driven long stroke piston system with no regulator. Indian adopted these snipers in early 2002 and is currently standard sniper used by special forces. 

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