Best NDA foundation Course after 10th in Dehradun- Dehradun Defence Academy


Best NDA Foundation Course after 10th in Dehradun

Dehradun Defence Academy’s NDA Foundation Course integrates the school curriculum with NDA preparation. Tailored for students after 10th to 12th, it covers all core subjects and prepares them for NDA exams and SSB interviews. Enroll now in the NDA Foundation Course!

Join our NDA Foundationn Course today and take the first step towards a successful career

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NDA Foundation Course Highlights

Selected from the top India NDA coaching institute

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We are providing students a Tablet and e-learning platform worth ₹29,999 for FREE. 

NDA Foundation Coaching

Free Tablet with e-learning platform

  • Valued at ₹29,999.
  • Enables access to the online learning app.
  • Watch recorded lectures anytime, anywhere.
  • Attend live lectures directly from the tablet.
NDA Foundation Coaching

Comprehensive E-Learning Platform

  • Courses led by the most experienced defence faculty.
  • NDA mock test series for rigorous practice.
  • Comprehensive NDA study material for thorough preparation.

Achieve Excellence with DDA's 360° Coaching Approach!🎯

NDA Foundation Coaching
  • Thorough preparation of NDA along with schooling (9th, 10, 11th & 12th).

  • Inculcation of OLQS and OLBS (officer like qualities and behavior)

  • Over all grooming and training in various skills and sports (boxing, football, basketball, trekking etc.)

  • SSB coaching under Colonel Anupam  (One of the most experienced assessor, Group Testing Officer)

  • Lectures for communication skills by TOEFL certified trainers (important for SSB especially for interview).

  • Physical training with ACE certified trainers.

  • Competent faculties for both school and NDA syllabus.   
  • Weekly tests and reports.

  • Customized study material.

  • Twice a week doubt counters.

  • Online support for revision and doubts.

  • Hand written notes are also provided near exams to cover important topics.

  • Mock test series.

Dehradun Defence Academy, located in Dehradun, is a coaching institute specializing in NDA coaching and is renowned for offering the best NDA foundation Course in Dehradun. Students preparing to take the NDA exams after completing their 10th grade this year can enroll at Dehradun Defence Academy to begin their preparations.

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NDA Coaching Scholorship

Introducing a special scholarship opportunity for students applying to our NDA coaching program. Enroll with Dehradun Defence Academy and clear the NDA entrance exam to be eligible for a scholarship of INR 20,000


NDA Foundation Course Overview

NDA Foundation Course in Dehradun

The NDA Foundation Course (school integrated programSIP) offered by Dehradun Defence Academy is a specialized coaching program designed for students who have completed their 10th grade and are aiming to join the Indian Armed Forces as an officer.

This course prepares students for the National Defence Academy (NDA) exams and the Services Selection Board (SSB) interviews. It integrates regular school studies with focused NDA exam preparation, making it suitable for students of 11th to 12th grade.

Under this foundation course young aspirants will be helped by some of the most passionate and qualified teachers such as Colonel Anupam , Mr. Pulkit Mehta ( iit bhu) , Mr. Atul saran ( iit roorkee) Mr Sandeep ( iit roorkee) , Mr Saurabh kumar ( ex income tax inspector ).

Videos and sessions of all the above mentioned mentors and teachers are available on our YouTube Channel.

The academy offers a range of academic support, including an e-learning platform, weekly tests, customized study materials, doubt-clearing sessions, and online support. The course also provides handwritten notes and mock tests to help students prepare effectively for exams.

We ensures that students are well-prepared for the NDA exams and SSB interviews, laying a strong foundation for a NDA Exam preparation. Join asap to the best NDA coaching in Dehradun.


  1. School Integrated Program: The NDA Foundation Course uniquely blends regular school education with specialized training for the NDA exam. This integration allows students to prepare for their board exams and the NDA exams simultaneously, ensuring a balanced focus on both academic and military career paths.

  2. Expert Coaching: Students receive guidance from experienced professionals, including retired military officers (ex GTOs) and alumni of reputed national collages. This expert coaching is crucial in providing insights into the NDA exams and SSB interviews, offering students a practical understanding of what to expect and how to prepare.

  3. Physical Fitness and Sports Training: The course emphasizes physical fitness, a key requirement for the defence exam preparation. Training in sports like boxing, football, and basketball, along with structured physical training sessions, helps students meet the physical standards of the NDA.

  4. Communication Skills Development: With lectures from TOEFL certified trainers, the program focuses on enhancing students’ communication skills. This is particularly important for the SSB interviews, where effective communication can be a deciding factor.

  5. Comprehensive Study Materials and Support: The academy provides e-learming platform with well-structured study materials, regular tests, and doubt clearing sessions. This comprehensive academic support ensures students are well-prepared for both their school exams and the NDA exams, with resources like mock tests and handwritten notes for revision.

Best NDA Foundation Coaching after 10th in Dehradun

Course Structure 🧠

NDA Written exam prep

Join NDA Foundation Course and start preparation with top faculties for success in NDA exam, covering Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, and comprehensive test strategies.


SSB training under ex GTOs

Benefit from SSB training by experienced ex-GTOs, physical training by ACE-certified trainers, and access to both indoor and outdoor sports facilities.


Physical training

Experience rigorous physical training under certified trainers in our NDA Foundation Course, ensuring optimal fitness.


Study material And Mock test

DDA provides expert-crafted study materials and mock tests, designed to give you a real exam experience and ensure mastery for the NDA written exam

Best NDA Foundation Course after 10th in Dehradun

Flexible Learning with our App

Our e-learning app ‘Crack Defence Exams’ allows you to study at your own pace, anytime and anywhere, ensuring continuous learning.

Best NDA Foundation Course after 10th in Dehradun

NDA Foundation Daily Schedule:

On Weekdays 📝

NDA Foundation Course schedule on weekdays
  • Lights on at 5:30 followed by physical training with Mr. Ravi Brithwal
  • 4 lectures of school curriculum ( P, C, M and E)
  • 3 lectures of NDA ( MATHS, ENGLISH and GK)
  • 1.5 hours for sports in the evening .
  • self study in library
  • 11:15 lights off

On Weekends 🎯

  • SSB classes
  • Personality development classes
  • Spoken English classes
  • Weekly tournaments of chess and table tennis.
  • lights off at 11:15

Under DDA’S school integrated programme (SIP) after 10th, we prepare responsive, fit, ethical and morally strong scholars who will ace NDA examination for sure. How? you ask .

Academics being the most important part is not the only part of preparation and we of all do understand that, hence we take care that the following skills and qualities are cultivated and imbibed –

  • Physical fitness and mental wellness
  • Management skills
  • A well groomed personality
  • Leadership aptitude
  • A good academician
  • Communication skills


Dehradun Defence Academy‘ has unique and proficient team to target and develop each of the above mentioned skills and qualities.

if you are considering joining armed forces as officers then consider joining ‘Dehradun Defence Academy’ just after passing class 10th, we will make sure that you have memorable 2 years. DDA is considered as the place for best NDA coaching in Dehradun after 10th.

Admission procedure at DDA

  • The registration form for NDA foundation course or ‘SIP’ is available online on our website.
  • If you face any problem while filling the form or locating the form feel free to call our counsellors at 9557320811 or 7060588935.
  • The registration fees is 5000 rupees which is to be paid online.
  • The registration fees is non refundable.
  • After registration for NDA Foundation Course/SIP, an ‘Online test’ will be conducted. If a candidate pass the online test he/she will get a call for interview.
  • The interview will be conducted through video call by our interview panel.
  • If the candidate passes the interview round then he/she will be given admission after submission of the first installment.

**Only registration does not guarantee admission.

Fees Structure: NDA Foundation Course

Total Fees: 2,37,500 per year.

  • To be paid in two installments at the time of admission ( cheques are not acceptable )
  • 2nd installment to be paid at the end of 45 days from the date of admission.

Fees Discount :

Marks > 90%up to 5%
Marks > 95%up to 10%
Girls Aspirantsup to 5%
Army Personnel’s Childup to 10%
No Special Criteria0%

e-Brochure for 9th-12th Class

Get complete details about the courses and facilities offered by Dehradun Defence Academy 

NDA Foundation Course Gallery:

Student reviews🏆

NDA Exam Complete Info:

  • AGE: UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (UPSC) issues a notice for NDA examination twice a year, the candidates must be between the age of 16.5 to 19.5 years to be eligible for the NDA exam.

    – Educational qualification for NDA ( ARMY WING ) : 12th pass from any recognised board
    – Educational qualification for NDA ( NAVY & AIRFORCE ) : 12TH pass from any recognised board with P,CM i.e physics , chemistry and maths. Students appearing in class 12th are also eligible to apply for NDA.


    As per the official notification of upsc the minimum acceptable height for ARMY is 157 cms and for airforce the minimum acceptable height is 162.5 cms. However there are various concessions that are given to candidates if they belong to a specific region.
    – Candidates from Garhwal and Kumaon get a relaxation of 5 cms.
    – Candidates from Lakshadweep get a concession of 2.5 cms .

  • Visual standards for NDA :

    NDA – Vision Standard For ARMY
    Distance Vision (Corrected) Better Eye 6/6; Worse Eye 6/9
    Colour vision CP-III (Defective Safe).
    Myopia should not be more than -2.5D
    Hypermetropia should not be more than +3.5D 

  • NDA -Vision Standards for Air Force
    Candidates who wear spectacle Not eligible for Air Force
    Minimum distant vision 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in other
    correctable to 6/6 only for Hypermetropia
    Colour vision CPI Hypermetropia: +2.0 D Sph Manifest Myopia: Nil Retinoscopic Myopia
    : 0.5 in any Meridian permitted Astigmatism : + 0.75 D Cyl (within + 2.0 D.Max)
  • NDA – Vision standard for Navy
    Uncorrected without glass -6/6, 6/9
    Corrected with glass – 6/6, 6/6
    Limits of Myopia – –0.75
    Limits of Hypermetropia – +1.5
    Binocular vision – III
    Limits of colour perception – I
  • Physical Conditioning
    The aspiring candidates are advised to be in the good physical condition by following the routine mentioned below.
    1. Running 2.4 km in 15 minutes
    2. Skipping
    3. Pushups and sit ups (minimum 20 each)
    4. Chin ups (minimum 08)
    5. Rope climbing 3-4 metres

The marks distribution of NDA exam GAT section is highlighted below:

NDA General Ability TestSectionsMaximum marks
Part A – English200
Part B – General AwarenessPhysics100
 History, Freedom Movement, etc.80
General Science40
Current Events40

 The structure of the NDA exam pattern for written exams is as mentioned below.

NDA Exam Pattern – Written Exams
NDA Written ExamsSubjectMaximum marksNumber of QuestionsDuration
Paper 1Mathematics3001202 hrs 30 mins
Paper 2GAT6001502 hrs 30 mins
Total9002705 hours
NDA Exam Pattern – Negative Marking Scheme
Written ExamsMarks for each correct answerMarks deducted for each incorrect answer
NDA – SSB Interview Pattern
Stage 1Screening Test
  1. Verbal and non-verbal tests.
  2. PPDT
Stage 2Psychological Test
  1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  2. Word Association Test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  4. Self Description Test (SD)
Group Testing Officers Test
  1. GD
  2. GPE
  3. PGT
  4. HGT
  5. IOT
  6. Command Task
  7. Snake race/Group Obstacle Race
  8. Individual lecture
  9. FGT
Personal Interview & conference


18+ student registered in last 12 days 

NDA Foundation Cource in Dehradun foundation Coaching


Call us on +91-9557320811

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Frequently Asked Questions📝

Reason why NDA Foundation course should be done after 10th.

⦁ A candidate becomes eligible for NDA (2) when he/she is in 12th class. NDA (2) is conducted around the month of September. If the aspirant starts preparing from 11th he can clear NDA exam easily while he/she is in 12th class. 

⦁ After 10th the candidate has 2 years to prepare and hone his/her communication skills, personality and other OLQs for SSB, for which otherwise the candidate wont have much time.

One can join coaching institute that offer preparation for NDA entrance . Do check their fee structure if you cant afford expensive foundation courses. You can also prepare for defence exams if you have the caliber by your own.

A brief overview of the SIP(School Integrated Program)/NDA Foundation Course.

  • For the SIP/NDA Foundation Course, classes will be taken 6 days a week. A Physical Training Session will be held every Sunday by our team of expert physical trainers. We will also train candidates individually for their SSB Interview.
  • We have a team of highly experienced and qualifies faculty for preparing the students for the NDA Foundation coaching. Thus, we can provide them with proper guidance to yield the best from each of them.
  • We at Dehradun Defence Academy sport a fully equipped library that offers more than a thousand books and materials relevant to cracking the Defence examinations. They are in sequence with the latest syllabus. Students can easily access these books and reference materials at their preferred time. This is something that several other institutes fail to provide their students.
  • We provide on-campus study rooms to provide students with a quiet environment that is necessary for students. It helps to create a perfect atmosphere for the students to self-study and give themselves some time to prepare for the exams. 
  • Dehradun Defence Academy, unlike most of its competitors, possesses a teaching wizard who often takes few motivational classes (mostly in regular intervals) to boost the morale of each student. He gives some inspirational lessons and shares some noteworthy experiences which help students to remain focused on achieving their goals. For this reason our academy is counted as the best NDA foundation coaching in Dehradun. At this point you might ask- What is the fees of NDA coaching? Well, fee is different as per the course type/ duration. Please feel free to submit your query through enquiry form. We will get in tough asap.

Qualified Faculty and Quality Education provided by Dehradun Defence Academy

  • Discipline and time management are other important factors that are specialized by our team of highly skilled teachers. At Dehradun Defence Academy, we focus on maintaining discipline and proper decorum by each student. Students are to abide by the set rules. For those failing to do so, immediate actions are taken against them, depending on the intensity at which they broke a code or rule. The worst-case scenario could lead to the student being expelled. The process ends with a refund being offered to the candidate. This is one of the reasons why we are termed as the Best NDA Foundation Course after 10th coaching.
  • We urge on physical fitness. Along with enhancing a student’s cognitive and social skills, we focus on improving their physical fitness with a team of an expert physical trainers. This enhances the psychological as well as the spiritual aspects of a candidate. We hire the GTO ground at regular intervals.
  • Our exceedingly relevant study kits are a bonus to our students. All the books and notes are pertaining to the original and updated syllabus for the board exam as well as the NDA Examination. A separate department prepares the list for the study kits. These work like miracles for the students.
  • We, at the Dehradun Defence Academy, offer regular medical checkups to check each student’s mental and physical health. They solve any health-related issue efficiently, unlike some of its competitors.

Yes, Dehradun Defence Academy organise tournaments of sports namely volleyball, football, arm wrestling,cricket and chess. You can verify it by visiting our youtube channel. Or play the following links. Most of the events are held in the campus. For students of after 12th we organise 2 tournaments as they have to focus more on studies due to lack of time.

⦁ Your mentor must have served in one of the SSB boards.
⦁ He must have served in the SSB board for at least 2 to 3 years.
⦁ Have a look at his past year results.
⦁ He must have a good GTO ground at his disposal.
⦁ He must be genuinely interested in teaching

NDA FOUNDATION course regimen is as follows-

⦁ One hour training in the morning with Captain Puran Thapa ( PARA SF), he has also been an instructor at IMA.
⦁ Which includes running , crawling , boxing, conditioning , crunches , chin ups and push ups.
⦁ Voluntary one hour Gym training with Ravi sir ( certified Gym trainer ).
⦁ Sports in the evening.
⦁ For students who come to us after completing 12th , they have their session with Captain Puran Thapa ( PARA SF ) in the evening.
⦁ Which also includes running, crawling , boxing and conditioning.

Dehradun defence academy and our faculty organise regular sessions on youtube, chapterwise chapters , mock tests of all the subjects and much more. Kindly visit our youtube channel

Yes, in our foundation course we have lectures in the morning and doubt sessions in the evening.
For aspirants of after 12th we organise doubt sessions on Saturdays in offline mode and on almost every day on our youtube channel in online mode.

Yes we provide this facility to our students. But why don’t you visit our campus and find out ?

For students of NDA foundation course, we give them SSB and GTO training weekly. Visit our youtube channel and tell us what else would like ?

⦁ Candidate may choose any hostel or PG as per his convenience.
⦁ Or we recommend some PGs and hostels in safe locality which is also neat and clean.
⦁ Our institution and recommended PGs and hostel are in one of the most safe and posh localities of Dehradun ( Shubash road opposite to Secretariat)

NDA foundation course or NDA coaching with schooling is same.

NDA SIP (or the School Integrated Program) constitutes of a two-year classroom program which pairs NDA Coaching with Schooling in India.  All the teachers and faculty of Dehradun Defence Academy focus on preparing students for NDA Coaching after 10th, NDA after 11th, and NDA after the 12th. Under the NDA Coaching with Schooling in India program, the students are prepared for NDA and the SSB Interviews through theoretical and physical coaching as well as covering necessary topics for 11th and the 12th standards (especially 12th Board Examinations).

Still have any questions?

18+ Registrations in last 12 days.


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