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About us

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Who we are?

Dehradun Defence Academy- The best NDA coaching in Dehradun

Dehradun Defence Academy came into existence two years back with an objective to train the eligible and interested candidates for armed forces, NDA Coaching in Dehradun. The academy motivates the youth of India to join Indian Armed Forces to serve our country. The academy mainly focuses on offering a good education to get success in Armed Forces after completing higher secondary education. The academy provides proper guidelines to its students to achieve their goal.

Dehradun Defence Academy is one of the best coaching institutes located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It trains the students to get admission in NDA, Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Airforce and many other fields related to armed forces. Every year many of students approach the academy to get coaching for Armed Forces. The Dehradun Defence Academy has good infrastructure for the students so that they can perform their best in the academics and in extracurricular activities as well. As far as the fee structure is a concern, it is also affordable for the students. The academy is providing a job opportunity to deserving candidates by inspiring them to join Armed Forces. If you are the one waiting for an opportunity like this then Dehradun Defence Academy welcomes you to be a part of it.


Dehradun Defence Academy, the right place to get success


Most of the time, students do not get a chance to choose the career of their choice, sometimes due to family pressure and sometimes by following the footprints of their friends. Whatever may be the reason but they fail to achieve which they wanted to do. Hence, first of all, recognize your skills, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and more importantly your interest that in which field you are interested to be.

If you are interested to join Armed Forces and want to serve your country then Dehradun Defence Academy is the right place for you. You can get admission in the academy to join Armed Forces of your choice whether you wish to join NDA, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce or any other field. The academy will guide you to move on to your goal and it is your responsibility to work hard to achieve that goal. After passing Higher Secondary examination you can join Dehradun Defence Academy. Armed Forces is an honourable profession to choose. The students and even the parents should think beyond engineering and medical professions. Join Dehradun Defence Academy and get a chance to enter into the arena of Armed Forces. If you have the ability to prove yourself in this field then no one can stop you from getting success.


Facilities offered at Dehradun Defence Academy

 What students look for before joining any institute or coaching centre? The students look for good infrastructure and the facilities offered at the coaching institute. Dehradun Defence Academy is known for its infrastructure and facilities offered.

  • The academy has a huge campus including spacious classrooms, hostel, playground, training area etc.
  • There is a medical facility available for the student at the academy. The students also get a library facility.
  • The Dehradun Defence Academy also gives attention to arrange good hostel facilities to accommodate its students for a comfortable stay.
  • The students get complete personality development classes for good performance in the selection procedure such as spoken English classes, computer classes, communication classes etc.
  • The education system at Dehradun Defence Academy is excellent under the guidance of experienced faculty members.
  • The education system is designed as per the examination pattern and study material of the armed forces.
  • For good preparation, the faculties make use of new teaching methods and also take weekly tests to track the performance of the students.
  • The faculties make use of both the mediums of instructions Hindi and English.
  • Apart from academics, Dehradun Defence Academy also focus on extra-curricular activities and organize different activities throughout the year such as sports game, quiz competitions, group planning, debates, group discussions, social work, declamation etc.
  • The fee structure at Dehradun Defence Academy is also affordable.
  • The students also get physical training as per the standards of Armed Forces.
  • The academy provides books and the study material to its students.
  • The academy also takes initiative to provides all the recruitment forms and also help the students to perform their best in the written examination and in practical tests as well.


Faculty at Dehradun Defence Academy

Good infrastructures, huge campus, facilities offered are definitely an important part of Dehradun Defence Academy but along with this the most important thing is the “faculty members”. The first thing which is important to take admission is the education system which is linked to faculties. The role of faculty members is very important in the academy. After parents, the faculties are the mentor of students. They will focus to share the knowledge of academics, etiquettes, discipline etc.

The teaching staff or the faculty members at Dehradun Defence Academy play the role of a mentor. The faculties at the Adacemy are well qualified to guide their students to get success in their life. The defence sector is known for its discipline, well behaviours, punctuality, duties etc. At Dehradun Defence Academy you will get to learn all the skills required to be a part of Armed Forces. Apart from academic, the students will get attention to become a perfectionist in extra-curricular activities and incomplete personality development.

The faculty members at Dehradun Defence Academy make you ready to face the competitive world. The academy will provide you complete study material to get prepared for the examinations. Here you will also get physical training for Armed Forces. The faculties at the academy prepare its students physically and mentally to perform their best in the Armed Forces field of their choice.


Contact for Admissions at Dehradun Defence Academy

 The candidates who have passed Higher Secondary examination and interested to join Armed Forces can take admission in Dehradun Defence Academy. You can reach us at the details given below.

 Dehradun Defence Academy,

Contact person – Capt Narayan

Phone No.- 9557320811

Email at- [email protected]


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Join Defence Program in Dehradun Defence Academy Join Defence Program in Dehradun Defence Academy

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