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Merchant Navy is one of the most challenging and demanding careers in the defence sector. Candidates apply as a Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy Deck Cadets to undergo a training program that includes three phases- Pre-sea, On-sea, and Post-sea training programs. The cadets are trained to become deck cadet officers responsible to take care of different departments such as cargo operations & communications, navigation, maintenance, deck operations, etc. Dehradun Defence Academy provides the best deck cadet coaching in Dehradun.

All candidates have to work hard in order to qualify for deck cadet recruitments procedures. The candidates who want to prepare for deck cadet selection must join Dehradun Defence Academy. You can join the academy to start preparation to qualify for deck cadet training.

Why Dehradun Defence Academy for Deck Cadet Coaching in Dehradun?

Dehradun Defence Academy is a top coaching institute located in Dehradun. We provide the best NDA coaching academy in Dehradun for different defence examinations and selection such as deck cadet. Many candidates join the academy to get the best deck cadet coaching in Dehradun. The kinds of coaching we provide attract the candidates from different location of Dehradun and even from other cities of the country.

Dehradun Defence Academy has experienced faculty members who are dedicated to training all candidates for defence selections. Our teachers use interesting methodologies to prepare the candidates for the selection procedure of the deck cadet. These methodologies help in making the sessions more interactive for a better understanding of the candidates.

The faculty focuses equally on the physical as well as the academics of the candidates. The candidates need to be fit both mentally and physically for deck cadet selections. Motivational speeches are also used by the expert defence sector guest speakers to inspire the candidates. The advanced methodologies used by the faculties at Dehradun Defence Academy make it the best deck cadet coaching academy in Dehradun. 

Infrastructure is an important feature that attracts a candidate to take admission in any coaching institute. No matter whatever he/she is searching for a school, college, or even an NDA coaching institute. Dehradun Defence Academy is known for its best infrastructure facilities. We provide a huge campus with spacious classrooms and large sports & physical training ground. The sports ground seems like the heart of our academy as numerous outdoor activities are conducted here for the training of the candidates for all defence sector courses.

We also provide a well-equipped library to facilitate the candidates preparing for defence examinations with all the important books. We also provide hostel and mess facility to the candidates preparing for deck cadet selection. Dehradun Defence Academy also offers a spacious and well-ventilated study room. The study room plays a vital role in the preparation where the candidates can concentrate on their studies.

Physical fitness is very important for defence recruitments and so is for deck cadet selection. Dehradun Defence Academy gives special attention to the physical fitness of the candidates. We have a huge sports ground where our experienced trainer who has served in the Indian army trains the candidates for deck cadet selection procedure. We conduct different outdoor activities such as military planning exercise, individual obstacle, races, half-group task, crawling, progressive group tasks, leaping & jumping races, command tasks, etc. to make the candidates physically strong.

Deck cadet coaching involves various tasks and training that our faculty conducts to train the candidates. These trainings include a weekly test, group discussion, quiz competitions. Hence, the faculty conducts regular tests to check the improvement of the candidates. Tests are a kind of analysis conducted to recognize the weaker areas of a candidate so that he can give more attention to improve these areas.

When you are preparing to achieve a goal, critics play an important role to check your day to day improvement. Similarly, our faculty conducts feedback sessions regularly to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Well, feedback is the best motivational therapy to improve the candidates & help them to achieve their goal.

The feedback session also provides a very good opportunity for the students where they can ask any query without any hesitation. The feedback session is a kind of one-on-one interaction between a student and a teacher to solve the queries of the candidates.

Merchant Navy offers many career opportunities for the youth of the country. Every year many candidates prepare for Merchant Navy to join as a deck cadet officer. However, only a few meritorious candidates can qualify and get this golden opportunity to be a part of the Merchant Navy.

Do you want to be a deck cadet officer in Merchant Navy? If yes then Dehradun Defence Academy is there to help you achieve your goal of joining as a deck cadet officer in the Merchant Navy. You can join the academy to get the best deck cadet coaching in Dehradun.

Eligibility Criteria for Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy

Joining Merchant Navy is such an honor to get a chance to serve your nation. The interested candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria can appear for deck cadet training. You can check here whether you are eligible to apply for the post of Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy.

All interested candidates can join Dehradun Defence Academy to prepare for deck cadet selection. You will get proper coaching as per the selection procedure of the deck cadet. You can get in touch with us by providing us with your details below


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