Difference Between PARA & PARA (SF)

Para & para sf

The Parachute Regiment is the airborne unit of Indian Army. The PARAs are subdivided into two entities. The Paratroopers (Airborne) and the PARA Special Force (The regiments Special Forces Detachment). The Paratroopers comprise of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Parachute battalions and the Special Forces battalions comprise of the 1 Para (SF), 2 Para (SF), 3 Para (SF) 9 Para (SF), 10 Para (SF) and 21st Parachute (Special Forces).

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Paratroopers (Airborne) : These are regular airborne soldiers who function as airborne infantry. Paratroopers (Airborne) are elite infantrymen who are capable of being PARA dropped behind enemy lines. To become a Paratrooper one has to go through a 90-day probation cycle designed to weed out the weak.  The purpose of the training is to make these soldiers physically and mentally robust. Ordinary individuals are befuddled among Para and Para (Special Force) – however in genuine, elements of both of these legions of Indian Army are very unique. Obviously, the paratroopers are tip top officers who are very hearty truly and intellectually however unique Parachute Special Force regiments immediately come right into it for their particular specific military assignments according to the circumstances.


Paratroopers’ Probation : The paratroopers are selectively chosen soldiers from the army and paramilitary forces. These chosen soldiers go through the robust training of 90 days. During this assessment, candidates are kept sleep deprived, made to run extreme distances and are put through a battery of other endurance tests. The Paratrooper volunteers are trained at the Para Regimental centre and they earn their para wings at the Parachute Training Centre, Agra. Paratroopers have to jump five times with full combat load, after successful completion of their probation, they are permanently absorbed into the regular Para battalions.The purpose of probation period is to make the soldiers physically and psychologically strong.

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PARA Special Forces : Regular Paratroopers go on for further training  to join PARA Special Force. The Special Forces battalions are trained for specialised environments. These soldiers sport the ‘Balidaan’  badge on the right pocket, with their ‘Special Forces’ insignia, on both shoulders.


Para Special Forces Probation : These soldiers are chosen from the regular paratroopers. These soldiers go for another training at Special Forces Training School, Nahan. After successful completion of the training, soldiers join Special Forces of Indian Army. Special forces are inserted deep behind enemy lines with the help of sophisticated aerial infiltration techniques with the logistical support of specialised transport aircraft. These soldiers are trained to conduct covert operations, cross border raids, targeted killing, destroy or capture intended targets.

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