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Best NDA Coaching with Schooling in India after 10th

The NDA School Integrated Program (better known as NDA SIP) or the NDA Coaching with Schooling is one of the most efficient courses for young NDA aspirants to look out for during their school-life. The NDA Coaching with Schooling in India program will reduce the stress and anxiety levels of attending two different places; one for passing the board examinations and the other for getting through the NDA exam. The school covers all the teaching & preparation lessons for both the exams, well within the school timings. In fact, the results are excellent and have been proved to be more encouraging with every passing day. DCG’s performance as a group providing top-quality guidance and an appropriate learning environment to help students excel at both. A team of highly qualified and skilled staff, like some experienced, retired defence officers tutor & train the students for different classes for the NDA SIP. Let us learn more about Best NDA Coaching with Schooling in India.

NDA Coaching with Schooling

What is NDA Coaching with Schooling?

NDA SIP (or the School Integrated Program) constitutes of a two-year classroom program which pairs NDA Coaching with Schooling in India.  All the teachers and faculty of Dehradun Defence Academy focus on preparing students for NDA Coaching after 10th, NDA after 11th, and NDA after the 12th. Under the NDA Coaching with Schooling in India program, the students are prepared for NDA and the SSB Interviews through theoretical and physical coaching as well as covering necessary topics for 11th and the 12th standards (especially 12th Board Examinations). The students are taught for two years straight (11tha and 12th class) and they are taught non-medical subjects only, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Physical Education. Some bright students with good academic records with the strength and will to study more are also been prepared for attempting the Olympiads & all the Engineering Entrance Examinations (like JEE Main, JEE Advance). Through Dehradun Defence Academy’s student-friendly yet educationally progressive approach in the NDA Coaching with Schooling in India helps to improve personality development, our tutors aim at our students securing more than 85% marks in the major subjects, Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in their Board Examinations. Securing this whopping percentage in these subjects would enable the students to directly appear for the Technical Entry Scheme (TES) SSB interview. In the students’ 11th standard, the teachers under NDA Coaching with Schooling in India take weekly Personality Development classes & communication skill improvement classes. These get along with their regular classes of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Psychology is one of the most important subjects to be focused on cracking the SSB Interview. Hence, we teachers at Dehradun Defence Academy, concentrate on the mentioned topic too at a regular interval. For students appearing for their 12th boards, some other subjects like General Knowledge, English, and Science are also taught by our expert teachers. The teachers who teach NDA Coaching with Schooling in India follow the syllabus and guidelines as per the UPSC until the written exam for NDA gets over. After the NDA written exam ends, the teachers shift their focus to SSB interview, Board Examination, and other competitive exams like the JEE Main or JEE Advance. The entire faculty at Dehradun Defence Academy believes when they say that “The true education is not merely teaching but extracting the best from the learner’s mind.” This is why, the tutors conduct weekly tests to monitor the academic performance of each student and find out ways to improve them.

NDA Coaching with Schooling in India


Under the NDA Coaching with Schooling in India, ultimate focus of the faculty of the Dehradun Defence Academy is to help students excel in the NDA Exam. The teachers emphasize on making the students stress and improve their analytical and critical minds, enhancing various required skills along with teaching them important theoretical subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, GK, and English. Improving the above-mentioned skills by NDA Coaching with Schooling in India often prove to be a helpful device in enabling the students to come up with innovative solutions to some complex and tricky problems by applying the basic concepts of a subject or a topic. This enhances their NDA Preparation after the 10th class. We help each student come up with the right strategy appropriate for herself/himself to ensure better TIME MANAGEMENT for getting maximum output. These features by Dehradun Defence Academy under NDA Coaching with Schooling in India help the students with their Board Examinations, NDA Exam, SSB Interview, along with several other future exams or interviews to deal with.


National Talent Admission Test Consists of

The admission test for NDA Coaching with Schooling in India consists of:

  • Paper I- This is the first paper of the test. It is known as the IQ Test. This test has 60 objective types of MCQs.
  • Paper-II- This is the second paper of the test. It is known as the Written Subjective Test. It consists of the following subjects; Science, Mathematics, and English. These questions concentrate on the 10th-grade knowledge of the subjects.
  • Paper III- This is the third paper. It is known as the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). It tests each candidate’s physical endurance and strength through a couple of activities.
  • Paper IV- This is the fourth paper for NDA Coaching with Schooling in India. It tests the medical knowledge and reliability of a candidate. This one is short but an important deciding factor.
  • Paper V- It is not exactly a test. It is an interview. This is where your communication skills along with other ones will get highly reflected.


Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to take part in NDA Coaching with Schooling

  • Age would range from 16 ½ years to 19 ½ years.
  • The candidates should be medically fit as per the NDA guidelines
  • They should be studying in 12th grade
  • Should have an unstoppable desire to join the Armed forces through NDA
  • It is for boys only


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