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Best NDA Foundation Coaching After 10th Class Join Dehradun Defence Academy

The NDA foundation coaching after 10th is for preparatory purposes. It prepares for NDA (National Defence Academy) competitive exam designed for students who wish to enter the Defence Academy. NDA Foundation Coaching in Dehradun after 10th and 12th helps in building and preparing the necessary sets of skills required for a student to succeed in the exam along with other exams too, like the air force, or navy. The course aims at building all the skills apart from just theoretical knowledge, to ease the process of getting through the exam. It is a two-year Foundation Course designed for 10th to 12th-grade students mainly, following their respective syllabus to make them excel in their class and board exams too. The first-year students are given exhaustive theoretical knowledge in their classrooms along with well-graded assignment sheets for the AIR-based exams.

Dehradun Defence Academy- Best NDA Foundation Coaching after 10th Class

This course covers the school syllabus along with the syllabus for the NDA exam. In a way, this is an excellent strategy. Synchronizing the true NDA exam syllabus with that of the school’s saves a lot of time and energy as there is no repetition of the same topics. We, at the Dehradun Defence Academy, have started coaching for this course. We provide, without a doubt, as approved by others, the best NDA Foundation Course Coaching.  This two-year Course starts for students who have passes their 10th boards. We tend to cover the entire NDA syllabus to help our students understand everything and eventually pass the written NDA examination. We mainly follow the NCERT books to teach for the course. We help each candidate to understand their current position and improve it. This enables them to upgrade their skills to the next level which increases the chance to get through with the NDA exam in the first attempt.

Dehradun Defence Academy has a team of expert teachers who have decided to help you out and be with you in this tough yet wonderful journey of getting through the exam to enter the world of defence. Dehradun Defence Academy provides the best NDA foundation coaching  after 10th coaching in India. Read our reviews to be sure of it, instead of blindly believing whatever is written here. Here, we will also discuss the NDA Foundation Coaching after 10th 2021.

NDA Foundation Course after class 10th


Eligibility Criteria

Science students who will start their 11th are eligible for attending this course. The students are to score at least 65% or equivalent grade in their 10th. Most importantly, they should qualify in an entrance test that is conducted by us.

Examination details

For the NDA Examinations I and II, forms will be distributed between January to June. The exam will be conducted in April and September. For attempting the Army category, candidates should have passed their 12th grade or could be on the verge of appearing for it. For the other part, it’s almost the same as the previous one, just that the candidates are required to have Physics and Mathematics as their compulsory subjects. The method of selection is first, by a written examination, following the SSB Interview.


The Paper Pattern

For the written examination the subjects will be, Mathematics and a General Ability Test. For the first one, there are 120 questions to be answered in 2hours and 30minutes. It has 300marks. For the latter one, there will be 150 questions to be answered in 2hours and 30minutes, and it carries 600marks. The next part of the NDA Exam is the SSB Interview which has 900 marks.

NDA Foundation Course after class 10th

Dehradun Defence Academy- Best NDA Foundation Coaching in India after 10th

  • For the NDA Foundation Course 2021, classes will be taken for 6 days a week. A Physical Training Session will be held every Sunday by our team of expert physical trainers. We will also train candidates individually for their SSB Interview.
  • We have a team of highly experienced and qualifies faculty for preparing the students for the NDA Foundation coaching. Thus, we can provide them with proper guidance to yield the best from each of them.
  • We at Dehradun Defence Academy sport a fully equipped library that offers more than a thousand books and materials relevant to cracking the Defence examinations. They are in sequence with the latest syllabus. Students can easily access these books and reference materials at their preferred time. This is something that several other institutes fail to provide their students.
  • We provide on-campus study rooms to provide students with a quiet environment that is necessary for students. It helps to create a perfect atmosphere for the students to self-study and give themselves some time to prepare for the exams.
  • Dehradun Defence Academy, unlike most of its competitors, possesses a teaching wizard who often takes few motivational classes (mostly in regular intervals) to boost the morale of each student. He gives some inspirational lessons and shares some noteworthy experiences which help students to remain focused on achieving their goals.

Qualified Faculty and Quality Education provided by Dehradun Defence Academy

  • Discipline and time management are other important factors that are specialized by our team of highly skilled teachers. At Dehradun Defence Academy, we focus on maintaining discipline and proper decorum by each student. Students are to abide by the set rules. For those failing to do so, immediate actions are taken against them, depending on the intensity at which they broke a code or rule. The worst-case scenario could lead to the student being expelled. The process ends with a refund being offered to the candidate. This is one of the reasons why we are termed as the Best NDA Foundation Course after 10th coaching in India.
  • We urge on physical fitness. Along with enhancing a student’s cognitive and social skills, we focus on improving their physical fitness with a team of an expert physical trainers. This enhances the psychological as well as the spiritual aspects of a candidate. We hire the GTO ground at regular intervals.
  • Our exceedingly relevant study kits are a bonus to our students. All the books and notes are pertaining to the original and updated syllabus for the board exam as well as the NDA Examination. A separate department prepares the list for the study kits. These work like miracles for the students.
  • We, at the Dehradun Defence Academy, offer regular medical checkups to check each student’s mental and physical health. They solve any health-related issue efficiently, unlike some of its competitors.

Together, we will succeed in the NDA Exam through our NDA Coaching after 10th Class in Dehradun.

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