NDA Leaves Policy- Leaves Entitlement of NDA Officers

NDA Leaves Policy of NDA Officers

In our previous articles we have seen various emoluments and allowances that NDA officers become eligible to once they join services. Given the nature of their duties and extreme conditions of various places of posting, they are entitled to additional leave benefits as well which we will discuss in this article. Indian army officers are posted in some of the extreme locations and their duties are such that they are required to be available/vigilant 24*7 while in posting location.

While there are some peace areas of postings also, however nature of duties remain same. Giving the soldiers and officers some time away from their hard duties is very crucial for their wellbeing and continued support. 

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Basically there are 9 types of leaves that are granted to NDA officers which are discussed in detail in paras to follow.

1. Casual Leave

As the name suggests this leave can be taken at various casual occasions by NDA officers. In a particular year NDA officers are granted 20 CL or casual leaves which can be granted in one go as well at the discretion of their commanding officers.

One peculiar feature of the Casual leaves is that they need to be taken in the same year in which they are granted which means that outstanding casual leave lapse at the end of the year i. e at the end of December. In other Government offices 8-10 Casual leaves are generally granted. 

2. Special Casual Leave

Special casual leaves are granted in special situations only like participating in sports events/tournaments of national or international importance, trekking expeditions, to attend meetings of scientific associations etc.

There are various conditions which govern the number of special casual leaves that are granted in a calendar year for various occasions. For example, to attend sporting events of national/international importance Special casual leaves can be granted for a period not exceeding 30 days in a calendar year. 

3. Annual Leave

Normally Government servants are granted 30 days of annual leave in a calendar year but NDA officers get 60 days of annual leave on 1s t day of January every year. Annual leaves can be taken in one spell or in various installments in a particular year.

Unlike casual leaves, out of 60 days of Annual leaves that are granted to NDA officers, 30 days of AL can be accumulated to the extent of 300 days by officers in their account which can be later used or can be encashed during retirement. 

4. Furlough Leave

This is another leave which is peculiar to NDA officers only. The period of leave admissible as furlough is total 60 days or two calendar months for every three calendar years from the year of commission. In other words, the NDA officers get 60 days furlough leave for every 3 year of service.

This is a lump sum provision and can be availed of at any time after the commencement of the 3 years cycle. Unlike Annual leave this leave is non-accumulative.

5. Sick Leave

Sick leave starts from the first day an officers gets admitted in hospital. In the first instance, sick leave can be granted up to a period of 6 months including the annual leave due for the year.

Thereafter extension  3 months at a time on the recommendations of the competent medical board can be granted for a total period of 12 months. This can be extended up to 24 months at the discretion of the competent authority. 

6. Leave on Invalidment

Leave on invalidment is only admissible to those NDA officers whose sickness is attributable to Military service. There are various conditions that govern this leave, but generally upto 8 months of leave is granted to NDA officers commencing from first day of absence from duty. In non-attributable cases, this leave is not admissible. 

7. Maternity leave to women officers

Maternity leave for a period of 180 days on full pay is granted to NDA women officers subject to maximum of two surviving children.

  A further extension of one month may be granted in exceptional circumstances by leave sanctioning authority. However this extension is without pay and in addition to annual leave and furlough leave.

In case of miscarriage, 30 days leave on full pay is granted not more than twice in the entire course of service of officer. 

Paternity leave to Men

Paternity leave of 15 days is granted to NDA male officers on birth of child subject to maximum of 2 surviving children.

8. Child care leave

Permanent Commissioned women officers are entitled for 360 days child care leave  and Short Service commission  women officers are entitled for 180 days of child care leave during entire service period for taking care of 2 eldest surviving children below 18 years of age.

This leave is granted to women officers for rearing child and looking after of their needs like examination, sickness etc. Age limit of children is not applicable if child is 40% or more disabled. CCL is also applicable to adoptee mothers. Provisions of CCL are also available to single male NDA officers.

9. Study leave 

Study leave is admissible to all regular army officers to enable him to undergo special non-academic course of study both in or outside India. The course should be certified by IHQ MOD as one enhancing his usefulness in service as Army officer.

Study leaves are ordinarily granted to NDA officers who have rendered 5 years of service and are not due for retirement within 3 years of date of return from such leave. The maximum  period of study leave granted is 24 months. The total duration of study leave including annual leave and furlough leave should not exceed 28 months during entire service of NDA officers. 

    Apart from these main leaves, there are other provisions as well like child adoption leave, paternity leave on child adoption etc. We have briefly given an idea of leaves admissible to NDA officers to motivate candidates to work harder with enhanced energy and achieve their respective goals. 

     Leave admissible to different types of commissioned officers are specified in various Government orders and Army instructions which are issued from time to time.

    As per these instructions, Leave mentioned below cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Leaves are always granted subject to exigencies of services. chat

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