NDA Officers Salary Structure 2024, Allowances and other Benefits


We understand the passion which drives individuals to take NDA exams every year and join our esteemed forces. The zeal to serve the nation effortlessly is unmatched. While money may not be in the top of the mind while preparing to join the forces but at the end of the day it does matter. So let us understand NDA salary structure, allowances and other perks that we get once we become officers. 

As per the 7th pay commission, NDA officers join in level 10 of the pay matrix as highlighted below. To understand the pay structure, we need to understand the 7th CPC pay matrix and various elements of pay.

7th CPC Pay Matrix:-

Various Elements of Pay:-

  1. Basic Pay– As the name suggests it is the base pay which an employee gets and other elements of pay are calculated based on the basic pay. For central Govt Employees, Basic pay is given as per the 7th CPC matrix above based on the Rank/Level of the employee. Since officers join in the level 10 of the pay matrix, initially the pay is fixed at Rs 56100 i.e cell 01 of pay level 10. 
  2. DA:- DA i.e dearness allowance is given as a certain percentage of Basic pay. The percentage is decided based on the data of CPI index and is revised half yearly basis. Currently as of Jan 2024, DA has been fixed at 50% of the basic pay.
  3. HRA:- HRA stands of House rent allowance and as the name suggests it is the compensation paid to the employee for renting accommodation in case Govt accommodation is not available. HRA is given based on the city of posting and it is currently 30%, 20%, and 10% of basic pay for X, Y and Z cities respectively. 
  4. Conveyance allowance:- Conveyance allowance or TPTA is given based cities of posting and is fixed for different cities. This caters for the travelling expenses of the employee. 
  5. MSP: MSP or Military Service pay is very unique pay element given only to Military organisation. Government had introduced MSP with effect from September 2008. MSP is admitted to the officers up to the rank of Brigadier @ Rs. 15,500/- p.m.
  6. NPA: NPA stands for Non Practicing Allowance and it is given to the Officers of the Directorate General of Armed Forces Medical Services i.e. AMC, ADC and RVC as per the prescribed rate from time to time. 

Other Allowances:

  1. Dress Allowance
  2. Qualification allowance
  3. Technical Allowance
  4. Briefcase allowance every three years
  5. Newspaper Allowance
  6. Children Education allowance
  7. Hostel Subsidy
  8. Telephone bills

That settled; let us delve into rank structure and pay level of Army officers:

NDA Salary Structure 2024

Sl NoRankPay Level In pay MatrixNDA Basic Pay per month
1Lieutenant1056,100/- to 1,77,500/
2Captain10B61,300/- to 1,93,900/-
3Major1169,400/- to 2,07,200/-
4Lieutenant Colonel12A1,21,200/- to 2,12,400/-
5Colonel131,30,600/- to 2,15,900/-
6Brigadier13A1,39,600/- to 2,17,600/-
7Major General141,44,200/- to 2,18,200/-
8Lieutenant General (HAG)151,82,200/- to 2,24,100/-
9Lieutenant General (HAG+)162,05,400/- to 2,24,400/-

For other services, let us quickly look into the rank comparison of the tri services to get the idea of their pay structure as well.

ArmyAir ForceNavy
Field MarshalMarshal of the  Indian Air forceAdmiral of the Fleet
General (COAS)Air Chief MarshalAdmiral 
Lieutenant General (VCOAS)Air MarshallVice Admiral / FOC-in-C / VCNS)
Lieutenant GeneralAir Vice MarshallVice Admiral
BrigadierAir CommodoreCaptain
ColonelGroup CaptainCaptain
Lieutenant ColonelWing CommanderCommander
MajorSquadron LeaderLieutenant Commander
CaptainFlight LieutenantLieutenant
LieutenantFlying OfficerSub Lieutenant

Initially, during the training period of 3 years, the selected candidates receive a fixed stipend of Rs 56,100 which is cell 01 of level 10 of pay matrix. Upon completing the said training, NDA officers will start getting various other  allowances viz, DA i.e Dearness allowance which is currently 50% of the basic pay, uniform allowances, transport allowances, etc. 

Now, let us discuss unique pay features that are provided to Defence Forces owing to the nature of work and tough locations where they get posted. 

NDA Officers special Perks and Allowances:


Risk & Hardship Allowance is admissible w.e.f. 22nd Feb 2019 with rates as per the Risk & Hardship matrix appended below. The placement of different Stations/Locations in various cells of Risk and Hardship Matrix is as per orders of ministry of Defence from time to time. Troops deployed in Field Areas as per the matrix are granted Risk and Hardship allowance.

NDA officers salary Structure - Risk and Hardness Allowance
  1. Highly Active Field Area Allowance (HAFAA), Compensatory Field Area Allowance (CFAA) and Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance (CMFAA)

The areas where these field service concessions are granted have been defined as Highly Active Field Areas, Field Areas and Modified Field Areas. The details of Field areas where these are admissible and the rates are as and when revised are notified by Ministry of Defence from time to time basis.

Officers serving in Highly Active Field Areas, Field Areas and Modified Field Areas are eligible to the grant of Highly Active Field Area Allowance, Compensatory Field Area Allowance and Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance respectively.

  1. Special Compensatory (Counter Insurgency) Allowance (SCCIA)

Special Compensatory (Counter Insurgency) Allowance is admissible to the officers of troops deployed on counter insurgency operations. The rates admissible are as per the matrix below:

NDA officers salary Structure 3

Troops operating away from their permanent location will qualify for the above allowance. Personnel of local unit/formation will be entitled to the allowance only on production of certificate from the local formation commander to the effect that they were actually engaged counter insurgency operations. 

  1. Siachen Allowance:

Officers serving in Siachen Glacier area are eligible to the grant of Siachen Allowance. Siachen Allowance will be admissible to an officer from the date on which he arrives in Siachen area and will cease from the date following the day on which he leaves Siachen area. Rate as per Seventh Pay Commission orders w.e.f. 01 July 2017 is Rs. 42,500/- p.m. for all ranks

  1. High Altitude Allowance (HAA)

High Altitude Allowance will be admissible in addition to the HAFAA/CFAA/CMFAA/TLA {SC(RL)A} and other concessions in kind. This allowance is also admissible along with SCCIA.

NDA officers salary Structure 4

Apart from these allowances, there are various allowances like instruction allowance, flying allowance, technical allowance which are specific to various posts and formations only. Also, there are various allowances that are given during Transfer of the NDA officers like Transfer Grant, Luggage claims etc.

We have covered most of the crucial allowances that NDA officers become eligible to after training. We have briefly provided the nature of allowances and rates admissible, however, there are various other conditions and eligibility criteria that are required to be fulfilled which are notified by Ministry of defence from time to time including rates admissible. 

Quite alluring, isn’t it? We hope that this article fills candidates with pride and ignites the fire within the candidates to prepare for NDA more vigorously. 

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