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The selection procedure in Defence or Armed Forces includes many rounds such as written examination, fitness tests, SSB interview etc. Although, all the rounds has its own importance but the written examination is like a huge barrier to clear. It requires complete dedication and hard work from the candidates along with good study material to clear the written examination. At Dehradun Defence Academy, the candidates will get the best selected study material that is more than enough to pass any defence entrance examination. We have experienced faculties to teach all the subjects needed to clear written examinations of armed forces. We promise to provide the most efficient & effective study material for all the subjects required in defence examinations such as English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, knowledge about the respective field of defence etc.


There are four pillars required to construct the building of success- first is good infrastructure, second is experienced faculty members, third is good study material and the fourth one is dedication and enthusiasm to learn from candidates’ end. A candidate’s hard work is very important to get success because all the other factors are there to provide guidelines but it is a candidate who has to move on to these guideline to achieve his goal.


A brief of study material provided at Dehradun Defence Academy

 When we talk about Armed Forces, there are many different fields listed in this such as Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, Coast Guard etc. There are different entrance examinations conducted to join these armed forces. The study material for these examinations may vary depending on the entrance examination for a particular armed force. However, we have given a general view of the study material just as an introduction to our students.










Selection procedure for Armed Forces


Joining armed forces is a respected career option from thousands of other options available in our country. It is like a dream come true when you got selected to work for your motherland. The day to day life in armed forces is quite challenging, adventurous and full of sacrifice for our nations.

Well, it is not that easy to get selected in armed forces. There will be complete set of barriers and the candidates have to cross these barriers in order to get success. The selection procedure in armed forces includes-


The first important thing to check before applying for written examination is “eligibility criteria”. Make sure that you fulfill all the eligibilities required to apply for the examination. The eligibilities are different for different examinations. The qualified candidates of written examination will be called for Service Selection Board Interview (SSB Interview).



SSB interview is not like other job interviews, it is completely different from others. SSB interviews are conducted to check the mental and physical stability of the shortlisted candidates. The procedure of SSB interview will take 5 days to complete which conducted at different centres across India. These are the 5 day SSB interview procedure which the candidates have to pass to get qualified for next round of selection.



 Clearance in SSB Interview does not mean that you have got selected for armed forces. Have patience because you have yet to go a long way. After the completion of SSB Interview, the shortlisted candidates have to attend medical fitness test for final selection. In this round the fitness of the candidates will be tested on various parameters set based on different posts of armed forces.

Once you clear the fitness test, the next round is merit list. The merit list will be prepared based on No. of vacancies available and the performance of the candidates in written examination & SSB Interview. The successful candidates in merit list have to get ready for training at the specified training academies such as Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy, Air Force Academy etc. On completion of the training, the cadets will be posted to their respective areas of armed forces.

 Get prepared for Armed Forces, NDA Coaching in Dehradun with Dehradun Defence Academy

 Dehradun Defence Academy is a trusted name to provide coaching for armed forces. The academy prepares its students to achieve success in all the level of selection procedure. The academy works on transformation of a common candidate to an armed force professional. The teaching staff of the academy prepares the candidates to do well in the written examinations. Written examination is like a base camp from where the journey to join the armed forces begins. Doing well in written examination is not enough for armed forces, there are other areas also in which you will be checked such as SSB Interview, medical fitness etc.

We have experts to train the candidates for satisfactory performance in SSB training. Towards SSB training, the trainers will focus on physical fitness of the candidates. There are many activities that are designed to improve the fitness of the candidates. Be a part of our team and start the journey to get into defence sector.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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