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Disclaimer - देहरादून डिफेंस अकादमी के प्रतिष्ठित नाम को बदनाम करने वाले संस्थानों से सावधान रहें/ हमारी कोई शाखा नहीं है। हमारे जैसे समान नाम का उपयोग करने वाले नकली संस्थानों से सावधान रहें।

Our Amazing Faculty

Sample avatar

Capt. Narayan

Ex. Indian Army (Captain)

Capt. Narayan has served the Indian Army and he is now imaparting his valuable knowledge with the Candidates of Dehradun Academy

Sample avatar

Capt. Puran Thapa

Ex. Indian Army (Captain)

Capt. Puran Thapa is a certified physical trainer(ret.) from the Indian Army. He has specialized in training army cadets & He is now a Physical training instructor (PTI) at Dehradun Defence Academy

Sample avatar

Major Arora

Ex. Major

Studied in RMIC 1952-1956, NDA 1957 – 1959 Commissioned on 18 December 1960. He is an Expert in Phycological test. Now he is Part of Dehradun Defence Academy, Trained Students for Phycological test and Motivate students.

NDA Coaching in Dehradun, Dehradun Defence Academy

Saurabh Kumar

Ex. Inspector Income Tax

He overseas the entire curriculum of academics. He personally teaches General Knowledge, General Science and Current Affairs. We offer you a seasoned faculty with years of experience.

NDA Coaching in Dehradun, Dehradun Defence Academy

Aditya Tripathi


Inspector Aditya tirpathihas a knack of cracking exams and his inputs are extremely valuable to our students . He’ll be teaching our students how to attempt the questions during exams and various strategies to study . How to complete the syllabus in a timely manner and revise it.

NDA Coaching in Dehradun, Dehradun Defence Academy

Varun Joshi

Ex. Sub Inspector

Sub inspector varun joshi has been teaching English for 10 years now. English may be a problem for students out there but not for the students of DEHRADUN DEFENSE ACADEMY.

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