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RIMC Coaching in Dehradun Highlights

Why Choose our RIMC Coaching program?

  • We specialize in RIMC coaching with exam-focused preparation.
  • Faculty with over 10 years of experience and having cleared various national-level examinations themselves.
  • Provides well-researched customized study materials for  RIMC Exam
  • Special doubt sessions. Our team us dedicated to clearing every student’s doubts.
  • Offers mock interviews and counseling sessions to prepare for SSB interview.
  • Includes special lectures on communication skills and personality development.
  • Free access to an e-learning platform with recorded lectures, mock tests, and extensive resources.*
  • Ensures complete coverage of the official RIMC syllabus in a structured manner.
  • Facilities include access to a library and Wi-Fi, with support from visiting teachers.

RIMC Coaching Overview

By choosing to prepare with the Dehradun Defence Academy, students are making an informed decision to engage with a leading institution renowned for its exceptional coaching for the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) examinations. Nestled in the heart of Dehradun, India, RIMC is an illustrious establishment conceived in 1922 with the noble goal of priming young men for service in the Indian Armed Forces through pathways like the National Defence Academy (NDA) and the Indian Naval Academy. The curriculum at RIMC is thoughtfully designed to be comprehensive, integrating scholarly education with physical conditioning to instill the virtues of leadership, discipline, and commitment in its cadets.

The preference for Dehradun Defence Academy among aspirants of the RIMC Exam is a testament to the academy’s profound understanding of the exam’s exigencies, encompassing the pressing timelines, the intensity of competition, and the exhaustive scope of the syllabus. The academy suggests a steadfast dedication of six months of unbroken, rigorous preparation to significantly enhance the candidates’ readiness.

The academy prides itself on its faculty, a cadre of highly qualified defence examination instructors and former military personnel. This includes luminaries such as Colonel Anupam (formerly GTO), Mr. Pulkit Mehta (IIT BHU), Mr. Atul Saran (IIT Roorkee), Mr. Sandeep (IIT Roorkee), and Mr. Saurabh Kumar (former Income Tax Inspector). To facilitate optimal preparation for the RIMC exam, the academy furnishes a suite of carefully curated educational materials, including series of mock exams, archives of previous years’ question papers, daily practice worksheets, as well as complimentary e-books and guides.

Learners also gain access to a digital learning platform, replete with video lectures, practice exams, and additional resources for study. The academy’s modern infrastructure, featuring a library and Wi-Fi capabilities, further enriches the students’ preparatory journey.

Taking the step to join the Dehradun Defence Academy symbolizes a pivotal stride towards fulfilling the dream of serving the nation, highlighting the academy’s eminent position as the best choice for RIMC coaching in Dehradun.

Course Structure 🧠

RIMC Written exam prep

Join the best RIMC Coaching in Dehradun. Start your preparation with experienced defence exam faculty, including retired military officers and educational experts.

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Admission procedure for RIMC Coaching

  • The registration form for RIMC Coaching is available online on our website.
  • If you face any problem while filling the form or locating the form feel free to call our counsellors at 9557320811 or 7060588935.
  • The registration fees is 500 rupees which is to be paid online.
  • The registration fees is non refundable.
  • Admission is deemed final only after submission of total fees.

Fees Structure: RIMC Coaching

Total Fees: INR – months
– thousand for one year

  • No installment policy, the entire fees is to be paid at the time of admission.
  • Cheques are not acceptable .

Fees Discount :

Marks > 90%up to 5%
Marks > 95%up to 10%
Girls Aspirantsup to 5%
Army Personnel’s Childup to 10%
No Special Criteria0%

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Student reviews🏆

RIMC Exam Complete Info:

  • The boys who are interested in taking admission in this college, they have to ensure their eligibility criteria. It is very important to know about the eligibility. If not then your candidature can be cancelled. Look at the below to know about the eligibility criteria in detail:

    • Only boys are eligible to apply for admission to the RIMC Dehradun
    • The candidate should either be studying in Class 7th or passed Class 7th from any recognized school.
    • Candidates (boys only) appearing for the above test should not be less than 11½ years in age but should not have attained the age of 13 years.

Candidates who want to take admission in this college will have to clear the examination for the same. It is very important to know about the pattern of the examination. The examination comprises of:-

Written Examination – The written part of the examination will consist of three papers, namely.

SubjectMaximum Marks
English written Paper125
Mathematics written Paper200
General Knowledge written Paper75
Interview50 (who have qualified in written exam only)
Total 450
  • RIMC written examination
  • Personal Interview
  • Verification of candidates and documents
  • Medical examination of the shortlisted candidates
  • For Class 7th Exam:


    • Focus on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and mensuration.
    • Key topics include the number system, fractions, decimals, ratios & proportions, time and distance, area and perimeter, and basic geometry concepts.


    • Evaluates grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, sentence construction, and essay writing skills.
    • Emphasis on fluent communication and strong command of the language.

    General Knowledge:

    • Covers science, current events, history, geography, and sports.
    • Encourages a broad understanding of societal and global affairs.

    Social Studies:

    • Encompasses history, geography, civics, and economics.
    • Questions on political science, physical geography, Indian and world history.


    • Assesses personality, communication skills, and confidence.
    • Panel inquires about the candidate’s background, interests, and knowledge.

    For Class 8th Exam:


    • Includes arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mensuration, and trigonometry.
    • Focus on number systems, fractions, decimals, ratio & proportion, time and distance, area and perimeter, basic geometry concepts, and trigonometric ratios.


    • Tests comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, letter and essay writing.
    • Additional areas include synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitutions, idioms, and phrases.

    General Knowledge:

    • Broad coverage including history, geography, science, current events, and sports.
    • Aimed at well-rounded awareness of societal and global matters.

    Social Studies:

    • Detailed examination of history, geography, civics, and economics.
    • Aims for a comprehensive understanding of social sciences.


    • Focus on physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science.
    • Covers force & motion, magnetism & electricity, properties of matter, sound & light, basic chemical reactions, biological processes, and environmental studies.


    • Evaluates confidence, personality, and communication skills.
    • Detailed conversation about personal and academic interests.

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