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A navigation officer is a deck officer. A navigation officer is an essential member of the ship’s onboard management team. They are responsible for looking after the security of the crew, cargo, passengers, & vessel at the sea & the port. 

The role of a navigation officer is quite exciting, where he meets a different situation every day. The navigation officer has the responsibility of navigating the overall running of the ship, taking important decisions on the crew, communications, cargo, navigation. The officer also has to perform various operations and general maintenance duties on day to day basis for the smooth running of the ship. 

The navigation officer is an essential part of the Merchant Navy. It attracts many youths of the country to join as an officer in the Merchant Navy. However, the way to join is not easy. Candidates need many preparations to get through, and with Dehradun Defence Academy they can achieve it. Dehradun Defence Academy guides candidates in the right direction to fulfil their dream of joining the Merchant Navy. 

Role and responsibility for Career in Navigation officer

  • Perform various navigation duties using navigation equipment onboard the ship.
  • They are also responsible for maintaining navigational charts & ship logs updated.
  • Responsible for port cargo operations.
  • They take care of the loading and unloading of the cargo.
  •  Maintaining the accommodation of the ship.
  • Make sure about the excellent condition of the security equipment.
  • Supervise the cleanliness of the ship’s deck and accommodation areas.
  • Plan the navigation of the ship through obstacles in the water.
  • Coordinate the overall activities on the deck, including checking of the lifesaving & fire fighting equipment available on the ship.
  • Coordinate with all the departments performing their tasks smoothly. 

Why Choose Dehradun Defence Academy for Career in  Navigation Officer coaching?

The navigation officer is a responsible post in the Merchant Navy. A navigation officer has to perform numerous roles onboard ship. The candidates who are willing to get an entry in Merchant Navy as a navigation officer need to prepare well to get selected. Dehradun Defence Academy will guide the candidates and prepare for the selection of navigation officer.

Dehradun Defence Academy is a top coaching institute for navigation officer. We have experienced teachers that prepare the candidates for the Merchant Navy selection procedure. Our faculty members have tremendous experience in training the candidates. We also provide best NDA Coaching in Dehradun.

Our candidates get all the latest facilities in our infrastructure and we provide quality education to our candidates with the help of innovative learning sessions in smart classrooms.  We conduct a weekly test, group discussion, revisions and conduct quiz competition to analyze the candidates learning ability. We provide coaching for NDA, CDS, OTA, SSB, ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE & MERCHANT NAVY. 

They create a healthy environment in the academy where candidates always feel free to ask their queries. The faculty are always eager to answer the queries of the candidates. 

The faculty are the building blocks for Dehradun Defence Academy. They play an essential role in making the academy one of the best coaching institutes in Dehradun. They use advanced learning techniques to prepare the candidates for navigation officers in the Merchant Navy.

We focus on the fitness of the candidates both physically and mentally as fitness is an essential criterion for selection in Merchant Navy. We have the expert trainers who conduct different activities, events and sports to prepare the candidates for navigation officer selection. Candidates can join us at any point in time to get the best navigation officer coaching in Dehradun.

  • We provide the best infrastructure.

Infrastructure provides the first impression of the academy. We provide the best infrastructure, including spacious classroom, well-equipped library & study room.

The candidates also get hostel and mess facilities at Dehradun Defence Academy. The academy also has a big playground which is the best part of the infrastructure. We have a vast playground in which candidates get trained for physical fitness.

  • We conduct screening and psychology tests.

The selection procedure of navigation officer in the Merchant Navy consists of some screening and psychology tests. The candidates are shortlisted based on these tests. These tests require skills to perform in the selection procedure. For which candidates need proper guidance to prepare for such strict tests to qualifying for the selection procedure of the navigation officer.

Dehradun Defence Academy will provide candidates with the best psychologists who will analyze the psychological equilibrium of the candidates to make them ready for a psychology test. The psychologists also screen the mental intelligence level of candidates. The psychologists help the candidates to prepare for different tests of selection procedures such as TAT, WAT, SRT. 

  • We focus on fitness training.

Dehradun Defence Academy has expert trainers that are capable enough to provide fitness training to meet the eligibility of navigation officers. Physical fitness is into primary consideration in the selection procedure of the navigation officer. We prepare the candidates to qualify in this selection procedure. Physical training sessions include various activities such as race, crawling, command tasks, group tasks.

  • Regular tests and feedbacks

We all remember the class tests that our teachers used to conduct in school days.  The primary purpose of those class tests was to prepare the students for final examinations. Similarly, Dehradun Defence Academy also conducts regular tests to prepare the candidates for navigation officer. 

The candidates will get feedback from their trainers based on the tests conducted. These tests act as an opportunity for the candidates to understand their week points that need improvement. The trainers share the feedbacks with each candidate individually to motivate them for improvement. The candidates focus on their weak points to improve for better performance in the selection procedure. 

  • We focus on personality development.

Candidates personality makes a positive impression on the interviewers during the selection procedure of the navigation officer. Dehradun Defence Academy prepares the candidates not only to strengthen their physical and mental status but also to give attention to the overall development of their personality. 

We conduct various extracurricular activities that for personality development of the candidates so that they can meet the expectations needed for navigation officer, e.g., communication classes, interpersonal skill classes, etiquettes classes, disciplinary and time management classes. These activities improve the confidence level of the candidates to compete in the real world.

 The academy provides more than this as the faculty and trainers provide throughout the guidance, starting from coaching classes to the selection procedure.

Dehradun Defence Academy invites candidates to join us to get the best coaching for navigation officer. Candidates can contact us by providing their details below.


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