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Best CDS Coaching in Dehradun, OTA | Dehradun Defence Academy

Get admission in Best CDS Coaching in Dehradun to join Defence by qualifying CDSE/OTA

Dehradun Defence Academy offers the best NDA, CDS coaching in Dehradun. It prepares the candidates for CDSE/OTA examination. The candidates who are willing to serve Indian Armed Forces, our academy guide them to achieve their goal of getting entry into Defence sector. We have experienced faculty members and mentors for training sessions. Our academy also provides a huge campus and good infrastructure to the students. We also focus on maintaining discipline, etiquettes, communication classes, personality development classes for the betterment of the students. The candidates interested in CDSE/OTA examination can join our academy to get top CDS coaching in Dehradun and NDA Coaching in Dehradun

CDSE/OTA is a written examination that is conducted by UPSC twice in a year. There are three different tests includes in CDSE/OTA examination- English, General Knowledge and mathematics. Every year thousands of candidates apply for the examination and very few deserving candidates get shortlisted for the final selection procedure.

CDS coaching in Derhadun

 Eligibility to apply for CDSE/OTA

We have listed the eligibility criteria to apply for CDSE/OTA. All the candidates interested must have fulfilled these criteria before applying for the examination.  Get admissions in Dehradun Defence Academy for the top CDS coaching in Dehradun.

  • The candidates must be an Indian national to apply for CDSE/OTA.
  • The candidates who belong to Nepal, Bhutan & Tibetan refugee, Burma, East African countries of Kenya, the United Republic of Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zambia, Zaire and Vietnam can also apply for the examination (provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria as per the rules of Govt. of India.
  • The age of the candidates should be from 20 to 24 years.
  • The candidates must be unmarried as well.
  • For IMA, the candidates must have a Graduation degree or equivalent from a recognized University.
  • For Naval Academy, the candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in B.Sc with Physics and Mathematics as subjects OR Bachelor’s Degree in Eng.
  • For Airforce Academy, the candidates must have qualified Graduation degree from a recognized University with Physics and Mathematics OR Eng. Degree.
  • The candidates appearing in the final year of Bachelor’s degree are also eligible to apply (provided they have to submit the proof of passing the examination).
  • The candidates also have to be physically fit as per the standards of the Ministry of Defence.


Examination Pattern of CDSE/OTA

 Dehradun Defence Academy provides the best CDS coaching in Dehradun and NDA Coaching in Dehradun. We teach our students as per the examination pattern for CDSE/OTA. The candidates should aware of the examination pattern so that they can prepare accordingly. The examination pattern for CDSE/OTA is as follows-


  • The question paper will have 3 section- English, GK and Mathematics for IMA, Naval Academy and Airforce Academy but for OTA question paper will have only 2 sections- English and GK.
  • The question paper will have MCQ type questions.
  • The duration of the examination will be 2 hours.
  • The question paper will be available both in Hindi and English except English subject.
  • The candidates are not allowed to use a calculator in the examination.
  • There will be a total of 300 marks allotted for IMA, Naval Academy and Airforce Academy, whereas for OTA total marks will be 200 in the written examination.
  • Brief information about the question paper for IMA, Naval Academy, Airforce Academy and OTA has been given below.


Question paper for IMA

SubjectDuration for ExamMaximum marks allotted
English2 Hours100
GK2 Hours100
Mathematics2 Hours100

Question paper for OTA

SubjectDuration for ExamMaximum marks allotted
English2 Hours100
GK2 Hours100


Question paper for Naval Academy

SubjectDuration for ExamMaximum marks allotted
English2 Hours100
GK2 Hours100
Mathematics2 Hours100

Question paper for OTA

SubjectDuration for ExamMaximum marks allotted
English2 Hours100
GK2 Hours100


Question paper for Airforce Academy

SubjectDuration for ExamMaximum marks allotted
English2 Hours100
GK2 Hours100
Mathematics2 Hours100


Question paper for OTA

SubjectDuration for ExamMaximum marks allotted
English2 Hours100
GK2 Hours100


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Examination Syllabus for CDSE/OTA

 The knowledge of the examination syllabus is very important for good preparation. Dehradun Defence Academy describes the syllabus at first to its students before they start coaching classes. We provide the best CDS coaching in Dehradun to interested and deserving candidates. Here is the syllabus for CDSE/OTA.


  • Syllabus for English subject

The syllabus of English includes comprehension, word meanings, vocabulary, synonyms & antonyms etc.


  • Syllabus for GK subject


General Knowledge is to test the knowledge of the candidates about current affairs. The candidates need to stay updated with current happening around the country. It also includes questions from History and Geography.


  • Syllabus for Mathematics subject


Mathematics is a subject that covers large area of topics related to Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration and Statistics. The detailed syllabus of mathematics is given below.


  • Statistics covers Graphical representation, Histograms, Pie charts, Measures of tendency, Collection & tabulation of statistical data, Frequency polygons, bar charts etc.


  • Arithmetic covers Numbers, Integers, Ratio & Proportion, addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square Roots, Decimal fractions, Time, Distance & Work, Percentage, Simple & Compound Interest, Division Algorithm, HCF & LCM, Prime & Composite Nos. etc.


  • Algebra covers HCF & LCM, simple factors, Basic Operations, Polynomials, Quadratic equations, Linear equations, variables, Set Language & Set Notation, Rational expressions, Laws of Indices etc.


  • Geometry covers Lines, Angles, Planes, Pane figures, Theorems etc.


  • Trigonometry covers Sine X, Cosine X, Tangent X, Values of Sin X, Cos X, tan X, Simple identities of trigonometry, Trigonometric tables’ uses, Simple cases of heights and distances etc.


  • Mensuration covers Parallelograms, Triangles, Circles, Areas of squares & rectangles, Surface area, a lateral surface, surface area & volume of spheres, Volume of cuboids, Volume of right circular cones & cylinders etc.


Selection procedure of CDSE/OTA examination


If a candidate has qualified CDSE/OTA written examination, it does not mean that he has finally got the entry in Defence. There are still more stages that candidates have to qualify to get a final entry. These stages of selection procedure are-


  • CDSE/OTA written examination
  • Personal Interview
  • Verification of candidates and documents
  • Medical examination of the shortlisted candidates

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