Goals Of Dehradun Defence Academy

   Goals of Dehradun Defence Academy

We as an organisation only aspire to secure the dreams of thousands of students, young and inexperienced who do not know  where to invest the hard earned money of their parents .  we want to be the place where these dreams come true, we want to be a place where any student can invest his/her time and money without any second thoughts. We provide one of the Best NDA Coaching institute in Dehradun want to be a place where students come with hopes and leave with ambitions, with knowledge and a life time of memories. We make sure that the investments that these young kids make bears them fruit .

As each one of us is also from a middle class family, as each one of us has struggled, as each one of us has been cheated and lied to, and yet each one of us has managed to make a mark in our respective fields. Dehradun Defence Academy work everyday to reach every child with passion and dreams who dare to repose faith in us , we work every day to make ourselves better so that we can play the required part in the lives of of the youth of the nation. We work everyday hard so that not even a single student leaves us with disappointment. We make the dreams of our students our own and work with passion.

We love each of our student, we care and thus we succeed in securing the impossibles, we are able to push the students to work harder and achieve what they thought was impossible and we are able to do that very easily.

Years of experience in teaching has taught us that love and care is a far more useful instrument to shape the learning curve of the teenagers than punishment and scolding. Further when the student is able to put their trust in us and is comfortable about talking of their shortcomings only then we are able to take the corrective measures and hence we have a lot of success stories .

Academies all over the nation has results , we have stories of accomplishments of co operation and a shared time full of memories . we take pleasure in the company of the new generation of the country. And feel pride while teaching them and knowing that these stars will shine on the sky of future, that these kids whom we mentor now will shoulder the nation in time to come .

At the end of session we are left with a sense of satisfaction that we have done the best that could be done at this stage and we are filled with a sense of adventure as we wonder what great things these tiny shoulders would do in near future.

These are our goals , tell us yours

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40+ students enrolled in last 7 days.


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