SSB Dress Code for Male & Female during SSB selection Process

NDA Dress Code-Male/Female

An NDA officer is known by what clothes he wears. While one may argue that in the long run character matters, it does, but the attire of an Army officer is the first thing that gets noticed.

As they say First impression is the last impression. The importance of sticking to a decent dress code for an occasion like SSB is indispensable.

Be it a family function, a formal meeting, an interview or a casual get together, proper dress code always helps in setting the mood right. Attire once chosen correctly not only enhances personality but it also exudes confidence and reflects your preparedness.

Taking out extra time to choose the right outfit shows your interest and helps make the positive impression- that first impression. If we ask candidates what intrigues them the most about joining NDA- “The uniform” is ought to be the ‘numero uno’ choice. Getting trained by NDA coaching institute in India is an advantage over others. NDA aspirants can get trained by the experts.

So, in this article, let us see discuss the dress code that the candidates are required to follow during various phases of SSB selection process. 

Choose Formal Attire

During the entire SSB process the candidates are advised to wear formal attire when moving out of their respective rooms.

This typically includes collared light color shirt with darker shade trousers for males and formal top/shirt with trouser/skirt for females.

Special attention should be taken while choosing the color as it should not be too bright or too dull and color combination needs to be adhered to as well. 

Understand the fit 

The dress should not be too loose as to appear casual and it should not be too tight as to make you uncomfortable. If the dress is tight, it might feel comfortable for the time being but it may become source of distraction during lengthy exam sittings. 

Appropriate Footwear

Footware should be very carefully chosen as you may be required to walk/stand for longer durations and inconvenience should be avoided at all costs.

Color and fit of the shoes should be appropriate so as to complement your attire and not to grab too much attention. 

Other accessories:  

During entire SSB process candidates are advised to keep minimum accessories. Female candidates are advised to avoid wearing items like large earrings etc. Always opt for subtle, sober and elegant accessories that might not trouble you during security checks and not cause unnecessary distractions. Perfumes with strong fragrance are a big No. We do not want to get noticed for wrong reasons right?


Now this could be a bone of contention for many. Hairstyle should always go with the occasion and we have seen how NDA officers look, haven’t we? So Male and female candidates are advised to follow the same. It gives a sense of responsibility and shows how much it means to you. 

Keep it Simple

Whenever you are in doubt about what to wear in a particular occasion, always remember to keep it simple. Neat and tidy clothing that are not too trendy and flashy and are a good fit is always good option. Always remember that comfort it the key. 

Now, let us explore proper dress code required at various stages of SSB process.

Dress code for Male and female during SSB Interview Round

As stated earlier, both male and female candidates are advised to strictly adhere to formals during the interview round. Male should opt for light collared shirt paired with darker shade of trousers.

It gives a sophisticated and polished appearance. Also special care should be taken while choosing Pair of formal shoes that complement the outfit and are clean and in good condition.

Suit/Blazers is also a good choice but it should be avoided if you are not comfortable as it is optional.

Wearing a tie is also optional so candidates wearing the same should choose the color wisely. During winters, sweaters/blazers could be carried additionally. Open jackets and track suits should be avoided. 

Female candidates can also opt for formal shirt and pant for their interview round. Decent saree or well-tailored suit in solid and subtle pattern is also a good choice.

Fabric, color and pattern require special attention as it should not be too loud or flashy so as to take away the formal look. During winters female candidates can carry blazers and appropriate winter wears that give formal look. 

Dress code for Male and female during GTO Round

Clothing for GTO tasks is already provided in SSB call letters. As per the general orders, candidates are to carry white shorts and T shirts with sports shoes for GTO round. Choose sports shoes wisely as GTO tasks are lengthy and hence comfortable and fitting shoes are a must. Track suit for winters is advisable. 

Dress code for Male and female during Screening and Psychological Evaluation

During screening and psychological evaluation, candidates are not required to stick to formal attire. Male and female candidates can opt to wear casual attire as well. However they should follow general tips as specified above as the evaluators are always keeping close watch on all candidates during your entire stay at SSB centers.

Collared T shirt may be worn with fitting sports shoes. As you are required to sit for longer duration during psychological tests, wearing comfortable clothing is must to avoid distractions. 

With that we come to an end of this article. We have provided general guidelines and clothing tips for various stages of SSB process. Always remember to go through your call letters for latest guidelines before packing your bags. Bottom line is being comfortable in what you wear- Comfort is the key.  

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