Yellow and White Fungus : Symptoms and Precaution

Yellow fungus:

Yellow fungus starts internally, causes pus leakage and leads to slow healing of wounds. In some serious cases, it could lead to devastating symptoms like organ failure and acute necrosis. This infection can prove to be more dangerous than black and white fungus.  It is caused by unsanitary conditions, overuse of steroids and other medications. Patients using immunity-suppressing medications continue to be at a greater risk for catching the infection. Excess humidity could also be a contributing factor for the growth of the infection.

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Symptoms of Yellow Fungus:

1) Lethargy

2) Poor appetite or no appetite

3) Sunken eyes

4) Weight loss or poor metabolism



It generally spread through bad hygiene, so it is important to have good hygiene habits. Keep surroundings clean and remove stale food from the house to prevent the growth of fungus. Antifungal injection Amphotericin B is believed to be effective against the infection.


White Fungus or Aspergillosis:

It spreads to several parts of the body and severely damages the lungs. Its severe effects can be seen on the brain, kidney, skin and mouth. It fungus begins from the tongue or private parts, it makes the tongue white, and then it spreads to other parts like lungs, brain and food pipes.

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Symptoms of white fungus –

1) Cough

2) Fever

3) Diarrhoea

4) Dark spots on lungs

5) Reduced oxygen level

6) White patches in oral cavity

7) Skin lesions



The infection can be detected through X-rays and CT scans.



People with low immunity are more prone to white fungal diseases, so it is necessary to maintain a healthy immune system and keeping surroundings clean and free from dust. The patients are given anti-fungal medication for treatment.

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