10 Solid Reasons To Join Indian Air-Force

10 reasons to join Indian airforce


As a child, there were two dates in the year 15th August and 26th January, when we cherished becoming a soldier of the country. Most Indians in their childhood dream of joining the army, some have more pinpointed dreams of becoming an Air force pilot or joining the Navy. But Why Air force, what is the driving force that pushes us to take a career in the Air force?

Let’s look at the 10 most solid reasons to Join Indian Air Force.

1. It is a great place to start your career

Indian Air Force gives you an added advantage of a great career option. After you join the Air Force you are sent to rigorous training for approximately 4 years and during that time you are trained thoroughly.

You get commissioned for 10 years or longer. Women candidates are offered permanent commissions so they do not have to take up any other job after this. The ex-serviceman quota helps in almost every nook and corner of your career after the Air force.

2. Hard Training

Joining the Air force is not easy, you have to complete the initial training period. But the training provided here is world-class and unmatched by any other training. 

Upon completion of this training not only you will be set up for a career in the Air force but in all parts of life. The discipline, teamwork, and training provided here are unmatched. You will be set for your whole life.

3. An excellent salary and benefits package

Gone are those days when Army personnel were fighting for their basic salary raise. The starting pay packages once you are commissioned to the Air force are handsome. The pay package varies as the Air force has 3 branches Flying Squad, Technical, and On Ground. The flying squad gets the highest package followed by the Technical team and the on-Ground team.

The Flying batch gets around Rs. 70K, the Technical batch Rs.65K, and the Ground duty batch around Rs.63K. Not to mention the medical, Pension, gratuity, and other benefits as a bonus with the package.

4. Great Opportunity to Visit Different Places

If you like traveling and visiting new places then the Air force is definitely a great career choice for you. You get transfers every 3-4 years, posted in a new environment in all parts of the country. 

You get the opportunity to visit new places, meet people, learn about different cultures, and traditions, and learn new languages. It gives you a whole new experience altogether throughout your career. If you are a passionate traveler here is the opportunity to fly your wings.

5. An Opportunity to Make a Difference

If you are passionate about serving the country or making your country or your parents proud then the Air force is the answer to it. Here you can make a difference. Not joining the rat race you are already ahead by joining the Air force you have already won your battle.

This is the job that can give the ultimate job satisfaction and an opportunity to make a difference. 

6. Style and Personality

Joining the Air force is a special feeling which will be difficult to express in words, it is a special feeling. By the age of 30, We all joined corporates and were earning millions but were always fascinated to see our friends in the Army, Air force, or Navy. You can get trained by the best NDA coaching institute in India as well.

It is the personality that differentiates the common man like us from the personnel. Imagine wearing your pride every day and going to work, it is so special. Air force Uniform studded with medals and an aviator on top of it is a dream for every teenager. The personality of an Air force personnel is second to none.

7. It offers Job and Career Security

A great Career and job security are the two major driving forces behind joining the Air force. You get a great career ahead with the world-class training program where you learn new skills which are not available anywhere. An ex-serviceman is given priority in any job interview as their training, discipline, and dedication to work is unmatched.

It is a govt. Job so the job security is there unless you do some serious offense you are set for life. It also offers a great retirement package to be able to live with pride for the rest of your life.

8. Friends and Team

You start your journey as a team member while training and continue to be a team player throughout your career in the Air force. Your teammates become your friends and family for the life. Air force personnel have a great social life doing gatherings, travel, adventure, and family functions together.

9. Learn New Skills

Becoming an Air force pilot is a dream for many children or teenagers. Once you qualify to join the Air force you will be put under hard training for a few years, During this course of time, you can choose which brand you want to join. If you want to be a pilot then you can choose the flying squad batch. 

Flying a Billion dollar machine is no joke, it is such a proud feeling that only pilots can experience. Apart from being a pilot you can also become a technician or join the on-ground team as an accountant, back office, etc.

10. Great Food

If you ask me what is the most loved difference between Army, Air force, and navy then I would definitely say with confidence the food in the Indian Air force is the best. You get the best food in the canteen to savor your taste buds. 

Here are the 2 added bonus tips why you should join Indian Airforce:-


Joining the Indian Air Force offers you the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and equipment. 

Whether you are a pilot, technician, or part of the ground crew, you’ll be exposed to some of the most advanced aerospace technology available. This exposure not only enhances your skills but also provides a unique experience that can be valuable in various career paths.


Being a part of the Air Force opens doors to collaboration and networking opportunities on a global scale. You may have the chance to work alongside personnel from other countries during joint exercises and missions. 

This international exposure can broaden your horizons, enhance your cultural understanding, and create connections that may prove beneficial in your future endeavors.


Building a career takes a great choice and Joining the Air force is a great option. If you want to serve your nation, make your parents, and teachers feel proud and above all, you want to wear the pride to work then come and join the Indian Air force. So all the best for a great career in the Air force.

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