10 Tips To Impress Your Interviewing Officer


Personal interview-an exercise that most of the candidates dread of. Interview anxiety is very common. It happens with most of us even if we know we are well qualified for a certain job. Meeting strangers in a position of authority and talking about yourself and being evaluated and judged are all that triggers your anxiety. 

In this article we are going to share some tips to tame this beast as “The best way out is always through”. We will also shed some light on all the things that an interviewer is searching for in a candidate and also share 10  important tips to impress your interviewing officer. 

Before that let us first understand personal interview process. Personal Interview is nothing less than a blind date in which neither you nor your interviewer knows about you. Here, first impression is the last impression. If you have reached to this level, it means that you have already cleared written exam and are through with the screening process.

You already cleared major hurdles and you should not leave any stones unturned. Before going into the interview room, believe that you have it in you those OLQs that they are looking for and that is why you have reached this far. 

Now that we have established that. Let us discuss the tips to impress your interviewer. 

1. First impression

Yes, we have all read this phrase in some part of our lives-first impression is the last impression. It is really the case when you are going for the interview. Your entry into the room should be flawless. Make a note of the sign in the gate-push or pull.

The interviewing officer is going to judge your every action even while you are entering into the room and right till you walk and take your seat. Also, a little mistake like pulling instead of pushing the gate or otherwise, will set a negative impact in your mind and it can hamper your overall performance. 

2. Wishing appropriately

How to greet someone is the first thing that we learn while learning a new language. Once you have entered into the room, greeting the interviewer is the second thing that you are going to do.

Make a note of the time of the day before entering into the room. It may happen that while waiting for your turn, the day has moved from morning to noon, you have to be conscious  of the time before entering.

Wishing him is going to be your first conversation with your interviewing officer. It will establish the tone and direction of the rest of the conversation and also it will not be wrong to say that it can influence the result of the interview.

3. Posture and Body Language

Next comes your body language-how you maintain your posture throughout the interview process. The interviewer is going to keep a close eye on your little body movements, how you enter and walk up to your chair and take your seat.

Body language includes your posture, facial expressions, and hand gestures that you use for nonverbal communication with your interviewer.

Sit in a comfortable posture and maintain this throughout your interview. Avoid fidgeting and too much hand or body movement as this will give away your nervousness.

Do not look too casual as this will give the impression that you are not interested and careless. If your hand and other body movements are in sync with your words, it will exude confidence and is definitely going to influence the result of the interview. 

4. Eye contact

Yet another important point about which you must have heard from everyone. Maintaining a good eye contact throughout a conversation is considered and important non verbal communication skill. Hold your gaze for 4 to 5 seconds at a time while speaking as it should not look like a stare.

If you are afraid to look into the eyes, an excellent way around is to look at his forehead- an area right between both eyes. A cherry on top would be your smile. Keep a slight smiling face while maintaining good eye contact and believe us you have already won half of the battle. 

5. Stay positive

This brings us to our next important tip- Staying positive. While going through all this, even if you think you did something which was off the mark, please remember that it has already happened. Forget this and move on to next thing.

Do not let yourself ponder too much on that one mistake  but rather focus on putting more efforts on rest of the process and make the most of it. If you stay positive, it is going to reflect in your words and body movements.

6. English communitarian skills

Your communication skills play a major role in defining your personality. Maintain a neutral tome throughout the process. Even if you get stuck, do not panic, it happens to the best of us. Speak comfortably and in your own accent.

If you get stuck and feel loss of words, use Hindi instead but revert back as soon as possible. It always leaves an impression if everything goes smoothly even if you change language here and there. Do not do it more often though. 

7. General awareness

Now that we have established non verbal and verbal communication skills, next important tip is about your knowledge. You should be well aware about your locality and hometown. While speaking of your home town, show your place in most positive manner. This holds true with everything.

You should always highlight positive things and with positive tone as this will show your positivity.  You should be well versed with all the latest in Armed forces. Your knowledgeis going to reflect your interest. Job seekers should treat every interview as if it‘s their one and only chance to sell themselves to the recruiter. 

Also, you should know your hobbies well. For an instance, if your hobby is to read novels, you should know which novel you are currently reading, your favourite author, why is he/she your favourite, his latest book etc. The more that you know the more it will show your enthusiasm to join forces. It will leave a lasting impression. 

Also remember to not answer if do not know. Even if you are asked something unusual, you should not look surprised or taken aback, rather keep your calm and be poised. Giving vague answers is a big NO.

8. Know yourself well.

Why do you want to join forces? Ask this question to yourself well in advance and be prepared for it will be asked in the interview. Your answer should show your ambition, show your enthusiasm. Every other answer will be connected and therefore it should all be in sync.

Your answers should no contradict and the best way to do it is by being honest. As illustrated earlier, just like body movement, your enthusiasm should also be reflected in how you express yourself and in your desires. It should appear as if you are well prepared and have done your home work well for the job.

9. Appropriate attire.

You will already make an impression with your dressing sense even before you say a single word to the interviewer. Your attire also forms the part of your “First Impression”.

You should be well dressed. Avoid wearing something unusual that you normally do not wear as this will feel uneasy and it will take away most of your focus.

Dress professionally with well-polished shoes and a matching belt and you are good to go. Just be sure to be comfortable and this will reflect well in your interview process.

10. Practice

Yes, this is last tip for today-Practice. Work on your communication skill-both verbal and non verbal. Take the help  of your friends and family members.

Remember that the more you practice the more nervousness it is going to take away from you. This will give boost your confidence and give a great push to the entire process. 

Also, avoid short cuts. If you have a habit of taking short cuts, it is going to reflect in your interview. Mark our words, he will call your bluff, you will get caught. Come well rehearsed, impress the interviewer and go grab your dream job!!

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