10 Ways How Parents Can Help Their Kids Prepare For RIMC

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RIMC (Rashtriya Indian Military College) is a great way to build a career in the defense forces of India. If you wish to join the armed forces and make a career then RIMC is a route you can take. It has been specifically designed to train and prepare cadets who are ready to join the Indian Defense forces. But to join RIMC one needs to clear the AIEE(All India Entrance Examination) held twice every year. So students need to prepare for a written exam and Interview to join RIMC.

Here we will highlight the points on how parents can help their Kids prepare for RIMC.

Why is it important for parents to help their children prepare for exams? 

It is very important as parents to keep a healthy and positive environment at home. Too much stress and pressure can lead to unimpressive results. So parents are advised to give freedom to their kids during exams. Thai blog covers the individual points that as a parent you must do or avoid.

What are some specific things parents can do to help their children? 

As a parent, you play a crucial role in the preparation for any exam. Here are 10 things you should do to help your kid excel in any type of exam.

  1. Creating a positive exam environment at home 

The most important thing to do as a parent is to create a positive environment. Allow your kids to have freedom, don’t bug them down. Don’t compare them with other kids. Motivate them by saying positive things. Also, teach them this is only an exam and the results do not matter, but we have to give our best.

  1. Helping your child study effectively

Help your child study in a stress-free and distraction-free environment. Not all children are equal so treat them according to their preference. Help him, create an optimal balance between study and rest. Too much study and too much rest can ruin the plans so help him understand this. Help them follow the study timetable and also teach them to take breaks in between.

  1. Managing stress and anxiety around exams

Exam pressures create unnecessary pressure on kids. Teachers’ pressure and parents pressure become too much for some kids to handle. Help them relax during exams and don’t let them take stressed. Stress and anxiety will only harm and not help in scoring good marks on the exam.

  1. Knowing  the Syllabus

When your kid starts his preparation for the RIMC exam, allow him to understand the syllabus first. That is the key to the preparation. Go to the RIMC website or the prospectus and check the previous year’s syllabus. Take a printout and keep it as a guide to see if your kid is not deviating from the syllabus.

  1. Writing a study plan

Pce you understand the syllabus the next thing you need to do is prepare a study plan. Planning is very crucial in this game. Help your son prepare a study plan based on what he already knows and what he needs to cover. This study plan will become a road map for the RIMC preparation exam.

  1. Taking practice exams

Only Covering the syllabus won’t help, you need to make sure your child practices mock tests or practice exams. There are many online options where one can register for practice exams. You can also buy practice mock test series for the RIMC exam from the local bookstore.

  1. Exam time management

Managing time is very important in the exam. The All India Entrance examination is a 2.30 hrs long exam and covers English, mathematics, and General Knowledge papers. Help your kid allocate time for each subject. Some subjects like mathematics require more time and some subjects like Genera Knowledge require less time. Help him create a tentative timeline for each subject.

  1. Final Preparations

The final preparation is very important, help your kid do the revision plan that you choked out in the earlier part of the preparation. See if he is doing it in the right direction. Sometimes students hurry things through as the exam date approaches. Prepare any materials that are required for the exam like Watch, Pen, Pencil, eraser, calculator, and other accessories.

  1. Preparing for Interview

All successful candidates have to go through a viva-voce or Interview round before getting selected for the RIMC. So prepare your kid for the interview exam. Get his basic knowledge of subjects right, let him read the newspaper daily, and if possible Watch some youtube videos on how to prepare for the interview. You have to work on grooming, body language, and basic knowledge of each subject.

  1. Watch and Guide

It is a very important role for a parent to watch kids during the whole process, especially during the final hours. Because these are the times when I have seen students crumble very badly. Due to stress, and anxiety they do stupid mistakes which can be avoided otherwise. Watch them be vigilant but not very strict, motivate them and relax them whenever possible. Don’t let them succumb to stress and anxiety.


Kids look for inspiration and motivation from their parents, so as a parent it is important to be that role model. Don’t do things that you should not do. Don’t let your kids think if mom can do this why we can’t? If you don’t let them watch TV then don’t watch TV while they are around and the same thing goes for mobile phones.

Create a positive and motivating environment where the kids can grow freely. Kids are like Birds who need the freedom to reach the sky, so help them achieve that.

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