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Each person has a different idea and definition of success. For one it may be as small as waking up early while for others it might be being the richest person alive. Whatever your definition of success might be, the path, the discipline, the courage and the passion to stick to your goal is same. In this article we are going to discuss few changes that you can make in your routine, few ways to align yourself in the right path to get where you want to see yourself in few years down the line, in short-be successful. We hope that these ways will help you with your NDA examintaion and will make a difference in your preparation.

Show commitment

Commitment means dedicating yourself to the task at hand and working your level best to get the job done. First step towards being successful in any exam is by setting short term as well as long terms goals and being committed to them. Short terms goals can be finishing a certain topic by end of the day and long term goals can be finishing a certain subject by end of month. Set goals and dedicate your time and energy to achieve them- that’s commitment.
These goals might seem too ambitious, but It is always better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit.
Also, do not forget to share your personal commitments and goals with your friends and family members for they will motivate you through difficult times and this will also help you stay committed to your goals.

This brings us to our second point- surround yourself with positive people.

Surround yourself with positive people

It is said that A man is known by the company he keeps. Positive people will always motivate you towards your goal while negative people will pull you back. As a social being a man needs people with whom he can mix and freely exchange thoughts and ideas, hopes and fears. Positive ideas and thoughts will come from positive people. So aligning yourself with people having common goals and approach is always advised.
While preparing for NDA examination, surround yourself with students having same goals, share your ideas and sincerely listen to theirs. Learn from others approach and keep improving yourself on daily basis. Remember- the more you know, the more you grow.

Clarity of what you want and why you want.

“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.” ― Steve Maraboli
One common mistake that students do is preparing for certain exam that fellow student is preparing for. If you ask them why they want to sit for NDA exam, they might not have thought it through. This, in our opinion, is a recipe for failure. Before going further with your NDA exam preparations, sit back and think with rational mind if you really want to do this. Answer these questions for you-what and why? “How” is something that we can figure out only if we know “Why”. Once we have clarity why we want to join NDA, we will find the passion, the dedication, the zeal to give your best and to crack the exam.
If you are not crystal clear with what you want, you are leaving everything to luck.

Find the emotions within

Emotions play an important role in how you behave and act. The emotions you feel each day towards your goal will compel you to take your best shot every time. The emotions will give your passion a fire, a burning desire that will push you every day and motivate you to act. If you read about any world leader, you will get to know that Emotional Intelligence is equally important in building your overall personality.
Taking the 3rd point further, while preparing for NDA exam, have clarity and connect emotionally to your goals of becoming an officer and serving the Nation. Once your emotionally connected, it will give you that extra edge which will definitely help you in the long run.

Pause and reflect on your strategy

Reflection is a way to look back at our life, analyse your actions and take lessons from your experiences. One should reflect proactively instead of reactively. Which means rather than waiting for failure and then learning from it, it is better to proactively pause at right moments and reflect on your strategy before its too late.
Reflection has enormous power if we learn to harness it correctly. Looking back at certain intervals purposefully at your preparation strategy will allow you to absorb your mistakes, learn and ammed them in the right direction.

Have a flexible approach

Taking the 5th point forward, once you know where you are wrong you should be flexible enough to carry out the change and get on with your NDA preparation with even bigger zeal and motivation. Sometimes students look drained if they do not get positive results. Always remember that this is not the final destination, give yourself another chance. If some strategies do not work, be flexible enough to adapt yourself and restrategize to hit the bulls eye.
Always remember- To be Stubborn about your goals and flexible about your Methods.

Have fun along the way

Out of all the points discussed above, we believe that this is the most important step as if you are not enjoying the journey towards your success, it is meaningless and most of the times it leads to failure. So be sure to enjoy the steps you take towards achieving your goals. You will face many challenges while preparing for NDA exam, but by having fun while learning new things and new ways of doing things it can motivate you and make the journey enjoyable. So it is crucial to keep your goal high and have fun aiming it with emotionally positive experience.

With this we come to an end of this article. We hope you inculcate these and give your best shot. All the best!!

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