8 Reasons You Should Join NDA


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Have you not stared in awe of any army vehicle passing through and many times even saluted it? Well, if you have, you are not the only one. Through this blog we intend to give you 8 reason why you should join one of the prestigious academies of India which has given India’s best military leaders including chiefs of the services.

  1. First and foremost, one thing that separates this from any other job is that as soon as an officer dons his uniform he earns the respect of all the 121 crore people of this nation.
  2. National Defence Academy is not like any other kind of undergraduate college. The cadets who pass out are not only handed over handsome salary packages, but also are given bigger responsibilities and are further trained into IMA,INA & AFA. The forces even take care of the families of their soldiers giving them various facilities like canteen, free medical care in the Military Hospitals, providing best education for their children et. al.
  3. The selection rate of this academy is merely 0.1% which means 99.9% of the candidates who appear for the NDA exam are rejected. Being among the top 0.1% in itself inculcates a sense of pride and honour.
  4. If you haven’t got much opportunity to play much sports or be involved in extra curricular activities, NDA will provide you with this opportunity to play numerous sports, games and many more adventurous activities which will help in grooming your overall personality.
  5. In 3 years, you would be transformed into a man physically fit and mentally strong, ready to take even bigger challenges and responsibilities.
  6. If you have fascination for flying and aviation. NDA will provide you an option or shall we say an opportunity to fly one of the best of the birds and that too at zero cost which will make one feel Euphoric.
  7. NDA, being the first tri-services academy in the world, is respected all over the world with many friendly countries sending their best cadets to train here.
  8. Last but not the least, NDA is the best career option for those who want to serve their life to the nation. NDA gives an opportunity to showcase your love towards your nation & also a chance to serve the motherland.

These are just few of the reason why one should join NDA. While your reason for joining NDA may be different than the ones listed above, but whatever the reason may be, if you are here reading this blog, please know that you have it in you.

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