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Assistant commandant is a prestigious career in central armed police forces (CAPF). It is a group A gazetted officer post, equivalent to the rank of ACP/captain in the Indian army. It offers one all the glory of armed forces and opportunities to work in administration, which leaves one with a vast experience in administration hence give opportunities to work with different organizations after retirement. There is no other post or career which offers all this. we are your best chance to get this dream job, work with the best ASSISTANT COMMANDANT AC coaching center in Dehradun India. we hope to see you soon.

We as an organization which specializes an all the defence related exams, offer you an opportunity to come and work with us to realise your dreams to work in armed forces. We beyond the shadow of any doubt offer the best Assistant Commandant AC Coaching in Dehradun India, while there are many institutes all over India offering the same but none has the team to deliver the results. RESULT the we do and we can.

Supporting Team for Assistant Commandant AC Coaching

With expert faculties who acquired a knack for helping the students to crack the exams, the years, their experience is unmatched even at the national level. People from all walk of life from defence, administration business bring their expertise to the studies and content that we take pride while delivering to our students. We can proudly say that we are the best assistant commandant AC coaching in Dehradun and all over India. We flaunt our experience and our diversity, our result and we deliver on our promises year after year.

While many coachings offer you an ordinary curriculum, we provide you all the extra edges too, which will push you just enough to clear all the hurdles for example many clear the first paper which includes Maths, Reasoning, GS and English but when it comes to paper 2nd  which demands a deft hand at writing essays and for that we are the best Institute for assistant commandant AC Coaching in Dehradun. Essay writing not only needs a flair for sharp and to the point content. Our team does wonders while prepping candidates for essay. When a student prepares for CAPF Assistant Commandant (AC) exam, essay writing scares him the most we make this hurdle seen too tiny for any fear that you might have.

Syllabus and procedure for Assistant Commandant Coaching in Dehradun

Exams for CAPF(AC) is conducted by Union Public service commission (UPSC). As the post is a group A gazetted rank the exams that you will have will match the rank.

While Maths is considered an easy portion General Knowledge part is equally grilling, covering almost everything polity, Geography, Economics, Science and teach, Biology, Environment and Ecology and last but not the least current affairs. When you join us we will make sure you complete the entire syllabus in a timely manner.

Paper 2nd is feared most because of essay writing. We will provide you intensive practice for the same.

After you pass the exam you will go through the physical examination, after clearing that your recruitment is complete. WE ARE THE FIRST STEP OF  YOUR JOURNEY.

Our purpose

The day you will have 3-4 lectures from our facilities you will know why we claim to be the best Assistant Commandant AC coaching in Dehradun(CAPF) and all over India.

The day you will sit for exams, you will know for sure that whatever we teach comes from years of experience and hard work that the best of the teams put in.

You will realise that you have put your money in good hands and got something in return .You will remember as the best CAPF(AC) coaching.

What we expect:

  • Hard work
  • Discipline
  • Regularity
  • Your result remains our priority, we expect that when we have delivered on our part, you will do the same.

  About us

We have been providing help to aspirants all over Indian since last 10 years, a proud organization which takes every caution to remain the best in providing the best coaching for all defence exams and specially the best AC/Assistant commandant coaching in Dehradun. We take even greater pride in the achievements of our students.

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