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CoBRA stands for Commando Battalion for Resolute Action, and is a part of the Central Reserve Police Force. CoBRA Commandos  are also called the “Jungle Warriors”. It was raised on 12th September 2008, with the motto of “Victory for gallant in war”. Currently, there are 9 CoBRA battalions deployed in Naxalism affected areas. CoBRA commandos operate under the Ministry of Home Affairs. CoBRA commandos are specialized in guerilla and jungle warfare. The CoBRA battalions are administered by the CRPF.

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How To Become A CoBRA Commando :

To become a CoBRA commando, one has to join CRPF first at any level as Assistant Commandant, Assistant Sub-inspector, or at Constable rank, there is no direct entry for the CoBRA Commando. In the last phase of the training, one can volunteer for the CoBRA. As it is a special commando force, the benchmarks are really high. The candidate is then examined by the CoBRA team on their parameters and those who qualify, will be eligible to join this elite unit. 30 years being the upper age limit to become a CoBRA Commando.

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Training of CoBRA Commandos :

After selection, one has to undergo hard training. Training is conducted at CRPF jungle warfare schools at Belgaum and Koraput. This training is similar to the NSG commandos training. The CoBRA commandos are also trained for heliborne insertions and drops. After completion of three months of rigorous training, the commandos are ready to be deployed at their units.

CoBRA Commando are trained to hunt and eliminate Naxalite groups. COBRA is the best equipped CAPF unit. They are provided with INSAS rifles, AK rifles, X95,Browning High Power, Glock pistols, Heckler and Koch MP5 and Carl Gustav recoilless rifle. They are adept in the art of camouflage.

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