Group Discussion Strategy To Perform Best In Airforce X And Y


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In Adaptability Test-2 of Phase 2 of the selection process of Airforce X and Y Group, candidates have to appear for the Group Discussion. Candidates will be given a topic by the screening officer for Group Discussion. Candidates must have good knowledge about current affairs to perform better in the Group Discussion round. Candidates must know  how to showcase their knowledge. For Group Discussion, candidates are divided into various groups of 8-12 candidates. It is conducted by 2 Officers. After their introduction and the description of the topic, the Group Discussion strategy  starts.

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Group Discussion Strategy : 

  • Listen to the topic Understand the topic first, then speak. Be an attentive listener.
  • Do not interrupt someone while speaking. Wait for your turn to speak or speak when they finish.
  • Try to initiate the discussion.
  • Your arguments should be well structured and logical. Give examples to justify your point.
  • Read newspapers daily to update your knowledge of current affairs.
  • Articulate your ideas into meaningful sentences.
  • Candidates should speak loudly and clearly with confidence.
  • Show your involvement and speak confidently.
  • You should not criticize anyone on religion, caste, class or on any ground.
  • Do not get personal with other candidates.
  • Do not criticize the any policy of India
  • Do not try to bluff

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