Naval Exercises Conducted By The Indian Navy In 2021

The Joint Defence Exercises are conducted for the betterment of the forces of participating countries. The Joint Military Naval Exercises are only for the commissioned armed force personnel. Presently we should see All Naval Exercises led by the Indian Navy lately.


Naval Exercises Conducted By The Indian Navy In 2021 :

1) INS Tabar : It is a maritime partnership exercise between the Indian Navy and Egyptian Navy. On 5 September 2021, INS Tabar undertook a maritime exercise with ENS Alexandria of the Egyptian Navy, in the Mediterranean Sea. This exercise involves a wide range of naval operations, such as operations for interdicting suspect vessels at sea, drills for transit through asymmetric threat environments, communication procedures, replenishment at sea drills, and joint development of maritime domain picture . The highlight of this exercise was the cross-deck helo operations.

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2) ‘SIMBEX’ 2021 : The 28th arrival of this Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise, was driven from September 2 to 4, 2021.The Indian Navy was represented by  INS Ranvijay with a shipborne helicopter, INS Kiltan, INS Kora and one P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft. The Singapore Navy was represented by  RSS Steadfast, Formidable Class Frigate, RSS Vigour, one Archer Class Submarine, one Fokker-50 Maritime Patrol Aircraft and one Victory Class Missile Corvette.


3) On 26 August 2021: INS Tabar participated in a Maritime Partnership Exercise with the Royal Moroccan Navy ship ‘Lieutenant Colonel Arrahman’ at Casablanca port. This exercise involved communication drills, replenishment at sea procedures and naval manoeuvres.

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4)  As part of INS Tabar’s ongoing goodwill visit to Europe and Africa, on 29 August 2021: it took part in a Maritime Exercise with the Algerian Navy ship ‘Ezzadjer’. The exercise was held off the Algerian coast.


5) Maritime Partnership Exercise between Indian Navy and Philippine Navy :  On 23 August 2021 INS Ranvijay and INS Kora, carried out a Maritime Exercise with BRP Antonio Luna of the Philippine Navy, in the West Philippine Sea.


6) Multilateral Maritime Exercise Malabar 2021 : Indian Navy ships Shivalik and Kadmatt arrived at Guam, on 21 August 2021 to participate in the annual Exercise MALABAR, between navies of India, Australia, Japan and the USA.

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7) Konkan 2021 : On 16 August 2021, ‘Konkan’ was held between INS Tabar and HMS Westminster, in the English Channel.It included the participation of  Falcon Electronic Warfare aircraft and the integral helicopters of the two shipst.


8) Exercise Zair-Al-Bahr 2021 : The second edition of  Zair-Al-Bahr was conducted from 09-14 August 2021 in the Persian Gulf, between the Indian Navy and Qatar Emiri Naval Force. The second version of the activity incorporated a three-day harbor stage followed by a two-day ocean stage. The sea phase consisted of  anti piracy exercises, tactical maritime exercises involving surface action, maritime surveillance, air defence, boarding operations and SAR exercises.


9)  Zayed Talwar 2021 : The bilateral exercise ‘Zayed Talwar 2021’ took place on 07 August 2021 off the coast of Abu Dhabi, between the Indian Navy and UAE Navy. The Indian Navy was represented by INS Kochi, with two integral Sea King MK 42B helicopters. UAE partook with UAE’S Al – Dhafra, a Baynunah class directed rocket corvette and one AS – 565B Panther helicopter.

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