NDA Mathematics Paper

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Candidates need a detailed analysis of the question paper for appearing in the NDA Examination. The candidates must stick to the updated syllabus and study from the previous years’ papers. Mathematics needs time and the most attention. It is regarded as a difficult subject but it is easy to solve once the candidates are fully prepared and understand the problem given in the paper. Let us see some of the most important chapter in NDA Mathematics Paper.

The NDA Mathematics Paper has a total of 120 questions that carry 300 marks.Differential Calculus and Integral calculus will have around 26 questions. Having 65marks approximately it has the highest weightage of 20%. Trigonometry is the next important chapter with 20-22 questions. With a total of 50-55 marks, the weightage becomes 16.66%. The next one on having great weightage is Algebra. Around 22 questions are set which have a weightage of 16.66%. Around 18-20 questions are set from this chapter that carries 45-50 marks. The weightage is 15%. Around 10-12 questions come from Statistics and Probability. This would consist of 25-30 marks with 8.33%. Vector Algebra has importance of 6.66%. Analytical Geometry is the next most important one. Determinants and Matrices have 8-10 questions carrying 20-25 marks and a weightage of 6.66%. This is the final structure of maximum weightage topics in nda mathematics paper.

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