Para Commandos – 10 Amazing Facts


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Para Special Forces came into existence in the aftermath of 1965 India-Pakistan war. The Para Commandos is a Special Forces unit of the Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment. It is developed for Counter Insurgency, Foreign Internal Defence, Special Operations, Hostage Rescue, Direct Actions, Special Reconnaissance, and Counter-Proliferation. The main aim of a Parachute Regiment is a quick deployment to attack the enemy and destroy their first line of defence.

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Top 10 Amazing Fact about Para Commandos:

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  1. To be a Para Commando, one has to be required to qualify as Paratroopers. The person may choose the deadliest SF Selection. Join best NDA coaching after 10th in Dehradun.
  2. The personnel who qualify the tests are sent to the Paratroopers Training School, Agra. 5 jumps, including 1 at night, entitle the personnel to Para.
  3. All Indian Paratroopers are referred to as volunteers. There is a probationary period of 03 months for all the personnel to judge their Physical & Mental strength.
  4. Special Forces are trained in specialized modes of infiltration, either by combat free fall (air) or combat diving (sea).
  5. The Special Force personnel are required to undertake a free-fall course, which requires at least 50 jumps from altitudes up to 33,500 feet to pass.
  6. Both High Altitude Low Opening and High Altitude High Opening techniques are being taught to the personnel.
  7. It is one of the toughest training where the personnel’s are exposed to sleep deprivation, humiliation, exhaustion, mental and physical torture.
  8. The Regiment needs to be kept at an optimum level of Operational Efficiency and Physical Fitness. The Parachute Regiment is the only regiment in the Indian Army, which has taken part in each and every operation in and outside the country.
  9. The soldiers of the German African Corps in Africa gave them the name “RED DEVILS”. The name “RED” is derived from the “MAROON BERET” wear by the paratroopers.
  10. Para Special Forces presents an ensemble of 9 Special Forces, 5 Airborne, 2 Territorial Army and 1 Counter-Insurgency

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