Physical Standard For –  Commissioned Category

Physical standard

In order to join Indian Armed Forces as Officer one needs to be Physical standard for commissioned category. The physical test is conducted by the defence personnel. The activities which one has to perform in the physical standard are very normal and can be performed by any normal person who has average physical health.


Physical Standard for Commissioned Category :


Height : Should not be less than 157 cm for men and 152 cm for women.

****For Gorkhas and candidates who belong to hills of North Eastern region of India, Garhwali and Kumaon, the Minimum acceptable height will be 5 cm less. If there should be an occurrence of up-and-comers from Lakshadweep, the base satisfactory tallness can be decreased by 2 cm for guys and females.

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Weight : The weight should be standard as per height.


1) 1 MILE (1.6 Km) RUN


          Time                                                 Marks

5.40 Mins and below                                   60

5.41 Mins to 5.50                                         48

5.51 Mins to 6 .05                                        36

6.06 Mins to 6.20                                         24

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     Pull Ups                                              Marks

10 and above                                            40

       9                                                           33

       8                                                           27

       7                                                           21

       6                                                           16


3) Balance should be qualified and no marks will be awarded.

4) 9 Feet Ditch Should be qualified and no marks will be awarded.

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Medical Standard for commissioned category :
  • A candidate should have good physique and good mental health.
  • Chest should have a minimum 5 Cms expansion.
  • Candidates should have normal hearing with each ear. Up-and-comer ought to have the option to hear a constrained murmur with every ear a good ways off of 610 cms in a calm room.
  • Candidates should have a 6/6 distance vision chart with each eye. Colour vision should be CP-III. Interior assessment of the eye will be finished through ophthalmoscope.
  • Candidate Should have natural healthy gum and teeth i.e. minimum 14 dental points.
  • Candidates should not have diseases like deformity of bones, hydrocele and varicocele or piles.
  • Candidates should be able to recognize red and green colours.
  • Candidates should not have any bone disease and joints of the body.
  • Candidates should not have any past history of mental breakdown or fits.
  • There should be no sign of functional disease of the heart and blood vessels. Blood pressure should be normal.
  • The abdomen muscles should be well developed and there should be no enlargement of the liver. Any evidence of internal organs disease in the abdomen will cause rejection.
  • Unoperated hernias will make a candidate unfit. Whenever worked, this ought to have been done somewhere around 1 year preceding the current assessment and mending is finished.
  • Urine examination will be done and any abnormality will cause rejection.
  • Candidates who have undergone or have the evidence of having Radial Keratotomy, will be permanently rejected.
  • Candidates who have undergone LASER Surgery for correction of refractive error will be considered for commission in Army if they fulfill following criteria :
    1. Age more than 20 years.
    2.  Uncomplicated stable LASIK/Excimer laser procedure done for Myopia or Hypermetropia, with stable refraction for a period of six months after the procedure.
    3.  A healthy retina.
    4.  Corrected vision should be 6/6 in better eye and 6/9 in worse eye, with maximum residual refraction of + 50 in any meridian for myopia or hypermetropia.
    5. Axial length within permissible limits.


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