How to present yourself in Personal Interview of SSB Interview? – Some useful tips.

How to present yourself in Personal Interview of SSB Interview? – Some useful tips.

SSB Interview is an important stage to clear to get entry into Indian Army, Navy or Airforce. Only the qualified candidates of written exam are eligible to attend SSB Interview and Dehradun Defence Academy is the best SSB  coaching in Dehradun. If you want to get recruited in any of the wings of Armed Forces then you must qualify SSB Interview. Getting coaching classes for the preparation of SSB interview is no doubt a good option but there are few parameters on which your individual attention is required. The candidates who want to pursue their career in Defence they can join Dehradun Defence Academy to get best NDA coaching in Dehradun.

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Before the SSB interview preparation

  • The personal interview will be taken by the President of Board, Vice President or by the officers of holding similar ranks. The CHM will inform you about the schedule of personal interview.
  • The outfit is very important for a personal interview, so make sure that you are dressed in formal attire. When you enter the interview area, your appearance will leave the first impression on the interviewers so be careful in dressing up on the day of the interview.
  • Do not forget to wear your chest number. It should be tied up properly. If you are wearing a tie then make sure you are wearing it below your chest number.
  • It will be good if you don’t engage yourself in chatting with other candidates waiting for their turn for the interview because it may cause nervousness by listening to other people’s concerns.
  • Last but not the least is very important not to talk with those candidates who have finished their turn of the interview.

Pre-Interview Home Work

  • You should be very well aware of what is there in your resume, so it will be good if you go through your resume at least once before the interview.
  • Do not forget your PIQ form and SDT (Self Description Test).
  • Have the good knowledge of General Knowledge because it is quite possible that you may get questions on GK.
  • Be prepared to face questions on your hobbies, extra-curricular activities, family, school, college, achievements, etc.
  • Prepare your attire one day before the interview. Iron our dress and polish your shoes properly. Also, carry a handkerchief.
  • Do not bring a cell phone or wallet on the day of the interview. Tuck your shirt properly and do not fold the cuffs of your shirt. Dress up like a gentleman.
  • Make sure that you attend the nature’s calls (if any) before your turn comes.
  • The selection will completely be done based on your performance in the personal interview.

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Give your best in the SSB interview

  • Boost yourself with confidence and enthusiasm when your turn for an interview comes. There should be a healthy conversation between you and the interviewers. They will be searching for the officer like qualities that you owe.
  • Express your answers with confidence. The interviewers will judge you on various parameters such as your IQ level, sense of responsibility, self-confidence, leadership qualities, social adaptability, determination, determination etc.
  • Attending a personal interview is a 2-way procedure. Hence, when you enter the interview area gives the good response to the interviewers as you get from them.
  • The very important thing- do not sit without asking for permission.
  • Body language is a very important part of the personal interview. These are the things that you need to develop on your own because these things no one can develop within you even if you are getting the best SSB Coaching in Dehradun
  • Do not keep your hands in the pocket, it shows bad impression as you are trying to hide something. Make sure you make eye contact with the interviewers. Also, have a smile on your face while interviewing.
  • Sit in straight posture with a straight back and squared shoulders. It shows your interest level and enthusiasm to attend the interview

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