SSB Interview Procedure Changed from 5 Days to 3 Days- New Process Disclosed

Ministry of Defence has disclosed the changed procedure of SSB Interview. It is big announcement for the candidates who are preparing for SSB Interview. The new procedure will be implemented from 2019 to select the best deserving candidates for recruitments. The new procedure is the revised version of old procedure of SSB Interview. There are some changes made in the old procedure to make it much efficient to pick the best out of huge numbers. The new procedure will help to select better candidates for posting in different wings of Forces. However, the new procedure is under testing but the candidates can continue with the old pattern to prepare for SSB Interview by joining the best NDA coaching in Dehradun.

SSB Interview Procedure

Why the changes have been made in the Old SSB Interview Procedure?


  • Lengthy procedure of selection

The old SSB Interview procedure takes 5 days time to complete the selection process which is quite time-consuming. The numbers of applicants are hiking every year but the number of SSB selection Boards are less. Therefore, the numbers of batches to be examined per year are very high.

  • Cost-cutting is also taken into consideration

As youths of our country are showing great interests in joining the Armed Forces from past few years, so the number of candidates appearing for SSB Interview is also increasing day-by-day. A higher number of candidates leads to higher expenses to manage the candidates. Hence, the new procedure of SSB Interview will also help in cost-cutting for all the selection Boards.


  • Transparency in the selection process

The changed process of SSB Interview has cut shorted from 5 days to 3 days. Hence it also brings transparency in the selection of best candidates for Defence. The requirements have been changed for new generation war procedure, hence the old procedure of SSB Interview should also be revised to tackle new war conditions.


  • Better Assessment of applicants

The new procedure of SSB selection is not very lengthy as the old procedure was, hence it will be effective to examine a number of applicants in a particular time frame. Short period (3 days SSB Interview) will also help for better assessment of the candidates that will result in a good number of eligible officers in the Armed Forces.

  • When the New SSB Interview Procedure will be implemented?    

The new procedure of SSB Interview will be effective from 2019 as it is still in beta phase. Beta phase means the procedure is still under testing. The Ministry of Defence is not going to implement the new procedure until and unless they are satisfied completely. There will be some useful changes in the old pattern. The candidates who are working hard for the preparation of SSB Interview they can stick to the old pattern of SSB Interview until the confirmation of implementation has been announced. For better preparation of SSB Interview procedure you can join good SSB coaching in Dehradun.


Overview of the New SSB Interview Procedure


The new SSB Interview process has been changed from 5 days to 3 days, however, the implementation of the new procedure is still pending. If you are also preparing for SSB Interview then you should aware of the new pattern of SSB selection. Even though it is good to join best SSB coaching in Dehradun for better preparation.


The new Procedure of SSB Interview includes 2 stages of selection-


  • Stage I (Screening Test)

The first stage will be a screening test which will be conducted online or at an SSB centre nearby your place. A screening test will be carried out once a quarter and a candidate will get 3 chances to clear this test.


  • Stage II

The shortlisted candidates for a screening test of Stage I will be called for Stage II tests. Stage II will have 3 techniques to examine the candidates,


  • Personal Interview

The personal interview will be held either on 1st or 2nd day of SSB Interview schedule once the tests will be completed for the day. The personal interview will follow the same procedure of old SSB Interview procedure .


  • Psychological Tests

The Psychological tests are quite different from the old SSB procedure. The TAT of old procedure has been replaced by SAT (Situation Apprentice Test) and there will be 9 pictures instead of 12 pictures. There are few changes in WAT and SRT as well. In the new procedure of SSB selection, SDT is no more existing. The psychological tests of new procedure of SSB Interview are-


  • Situation Apprentice Test (SAT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Judgment Test- Affect (SJT-A)
  • Situation Judgment Test- Values (SJT-V)


  • GTO

In GTO there will be 2 rounds of GD and then GPE round. There will be outdoor tasks as well that will be conducted to examine the candidates on their physical strength and ability to complete a task. The GTO test of new SSB Interview procedure are-


  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Combined Situation Planning (CSP)
  • Outdoor Task Execution- I (OTE-I)
  • Outdoor Task Execution- II (OTE-II)
  • Combined Obstacle Course (COC)
  • Leadership Situation (LS)


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