Things To Do Pump Yourself Anywhere Anytime

Staying motivated can be a struggle for people, since negative thoughts and anxiety are discouraging. In order to be successful the drive to  moving forward is a must. Self motivation and determination is what distinguishes successful people from others. Here are some things to do pump yourself anywhere anything.

Three main reason of  low self motivation are:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of direction

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Here Are Some things to do pump yourself :

Journal Writing : Negative limiting thoughts keeps one in doubt and the only way to stay motivated is by writing them. Studies have found that those who do journaling are less worried and more motivated, than those who don’t.


Have Strong Reason : Have a strong and powerful reason that excites you. Reason and belief motivate you to work hard and to put in efforts towards the goals.


Set Clear Goal : Don’t blaze through life, set clear goals. When you have a clear goal, you will come up with a clear set of actions and there will  be no place for anxiety and confusion. Make sure that your goals are specific, it’ll be easier for you to focus. Your goal should be something that excites you, and having a time bound goal will remind you of the deadline. In this way the goal becomes a reality and doesn’t just remain a dream.

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Make Plan And Follow It : Just dreaming and reminding dreams aren’t enough. You need to make a well-organised action plan which ensures your progress. Make a realistic plan that you can follow and keep tracking your progress.


Work On Your Confidence : Lack of self confidence is one of the most common reasons why people feel demotivated. So it’s important to first work on self confidence. Learn from your past mistakes and work harder towards your goal. Don’t lower your confidence.


Stay Focused : By developing focus you will take logical and concrete steps toward your goal. Focus on your actions instead of fearing about the future. Being focussed will keep you motivated.

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