Tips to crack NDA


Complete idea of the syllabus:  Those who aren’t aware of the syllabus will not have an idea about how to attempt the paper. Take a printout of the syllabus and analyze the full syllabus & study the trend very well. In the NDA exam, your fastness is the key. You might be good in many topics but if you lack solving problems faster, then it will eat your chances of being qualified in the exam, so practice daily and learn short math tricks to save your time.

Plan your study schedule smartly: For better preparation, it is necessary to have a smart study plan. You have to be smart with your study plan. Smart study plan easily manages your time & whole NDA syllabus efficiently. Your schedule should be well-organized which will help you to score good marks.

The Basics: Firstly, do the analysis of your complete syllabus and mark the topics that require more concentration. Your Basics Should Be Clear, so start preparing the topics from basics. If your basics are clear then only you are able to solve the high level questions.

The Basics of any subject is the prominent weapon to solve it without any problem in less time. It will help you to understand what topics you have studied hard. After you scan the whole syllabus, filter the topics where you are 100% confident & the others you have to practice more.

Previous Year Questions: It is very important to do the preparation in the right direction. Solving previous year Questions just doubles the preparation of a candidate. By solving previous year questions, your speed will be enhanced as well as you will get the idea about the NDA exam pattern and difficulty level of the questions. If you are really serious about passing the written exam and scoring well in it, consider solving 10 previous year question papers and find out your lacking points.

Selecting the best books: Market is full of a large number of book stocks but every book is worthy, not possible. Books with good content are very necessary for preparation. This will make your preparations rock solid.

Revision Time:  Students get relaxed as they think they have prepared the full syllabus & miss out the revision of important topics which cause them tough time to recall the topics and this leads to their failure. So, do your revision on a daily basis.

Time management: It is mandatory for all types of exams. Students should know how to manage their time in the exam if they want to crack. Many students who are good enough to clear the NDA examination and are well prepared, do not understand the importance of time. NDA Exam in first attempt. There is no need to waste time on questions that you do not have any idea about. Moving on to the next question could be a smart decision.

It is all about managing the time that has been allotted in a good manner. Try mastering the shortcut methods and save time. Don’t waste time solving a question that you don’t have any idea about. Instead of that, move on to the next question. Always keep an eye on your wrist watch.

Avoid negative marking: NDA exams have negative marking. Any wrong answer can deduct your 0.25 marks. This means that 4 wrong answers can get 1 mark deducted from your score! Thus, never go for wild guesses while answering the question paper. Leave the questions that you are not quite sure about, never attempt wild guessing, it may end up ruining your final score. To an extent, intelligent guessing can be used.

Reading newspapers: Reading newspapers will give you dual benefits. It will not just improve your knowledge of current affairs as well as build vocabulary at the same time. It will also improve your grammar and writing skills to an extent.

These are very important tips to crack nda exam. You can follow these tips and crack nda exam in first attempt.

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