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With growing competition and limited job opportunities, it is imperative to grab any opportunity that provides you with an extra edge over others. Students ought to have a flexible approach and open to set foot outside their comfort zones as is evident from the famous adage- Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. NDA coaching with boarding provides such opportunity to explore education beyond your comfort zone.
In this article we are going to discuss few points to show students the benefits of NDA coaching with schooling/boarding.

1. Fewer distractions:

We have already discussed the bane of social media these days among many benefits. In Boarding schools students can definitely improve their focus with fewer distractions like televisions, videos games etc. This way they can focus on more important things in their lives and dedicate longer hours towards building their careers and personalities. In NDA exams, it is not just about how much you know but also about how you carry out yourselves. SSB interviews which carry equal weight age looks into personality aspects of candidates. Students in NDA coaching with schooling and boarding benefits usually perform better academically because they are provided with an environment that is conducive to learning.

2. Becoming independent and responsible

NDA coaching with boarding facilities provide students with added benefits to associate with other fellow students. Students in boarding therefore don’t just have to manage their own affairs but they also have to learn how to live and deal with other people on daily basis. They are trained to develop their interpersonal skills in micro and macro level through a variety of team building exercises, weekend outings programs and healthy competitions between fellow companions. This unique opportunity helps students in becoming independent and responsible.

3. Peer Learning

Taking our second point further, in a boarding school like setting students live, play, study, and socialize with their peers. Boarding school provides a setting with students from different spheres and offers a special opportunity for combined growth and learning. Students can thus expand their horizons with different perspectives as they learn together both in and out of the classroom.
According to a study, 78% of boarding school students felt well prepared for the non-academic aspects of college life such as independence, social life and time management as compared to 36% of private and 23% of public school students.

4. Character Development

Character development is another aspect where boarding school students have an added advantage. As the students live together with other students from different backgrounds and as they interact, play and bond with them, they automatically inculcate within them a character that is mixed with varied culture and values. Boarding school students, therefoe are known to have an exceptional character and demeanour. They reside in a community where values such as honesty, respect, and hard work are valued and emphasized and are taught to further use these values further to excel in every aspect of life.

5. Extra curricular Activities

These days even schools emphasise students to participate in extra curricular activities where students are motivated to take part in various activities organized by schools such as plays, dramas, social services etc. These have been included in the curriculum as it is very important in character building and social bonding. The students learn to be a team player and its gives them a sense of confidence in school as well as in out-of-school life.
In NDA schools with boarding facilities, students are exposed to even wider range of such activities as they are always exposed to other students from different social backgrounds and as they interact with them they automatically come out of their comfort zone and further broaden their learning.

6. Fluency in Another Language

It is believed that in the 21st Century knowing a second language is not only beneficial, but necessary for success in life . Learning another language also provides greater cognitive and many other benefits including which helps in achieving academic achievement and also in developing more positive attitudes towards other languages and cultures. Language learning thus is necessary for students to effectively function and it greatly enhances student performance across the curriculum.

In NDA boarding schools, students get a chance to meet other students and thus are exposed to their languages and dialects. Learning new languages is important as this enhances their problem solving skills, improves verbal and spatial abilities, improves memory function etc. It is a known fact that students who can speak more languages have better memory and enhanced creative thinking capacity.

With this we have come to an end of this article. Advantages of attending a boarding school pays off in the long run. These are few points that we believe will help students have an edge over peers. Boarding schools provide students this huge opportunity to live in a community where combined learning, mutual personal growth and exploration is the top priority. NDA coaching with boarding facilities are best for overall personality building and enhancing OLQs.

All the best!!

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