Top 6 Military Operations by Indian Armed Forces


” If death strikes before I prove my blood, I promise, I will kill death. “ ~Captain Manoj Pandey

Being Indian is a matter of pride for every Indian. We call our country our mother, “Bharat Maa”. Mother India like any mother is great, loving, beautiful but unlike other mothers is a little biased. Her favorite children and the crown jewel of her timeless glory are the ones protecting her from the evil eyes of both internal and external enemies, and doing so putting their lives on the line, Indian armed forces.

Our armed forces have time and again proven their valour as they say that “Our flag does not fly because the wind moves, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.”  We are able to eat, sleep, breathe and just be ourselves because we know somebody is awake day and night guarding our borders and ensuring our safety.

Our armed forces (Army, Navy and Airforce) undertake a lot of operations, some public and some secret, and every operation undertaken is a symbol of the greatness and bravery, but still let’s look at some of the greatest of the greats undertakings by Indian Army and reboost our prides.

  • Operation Black Tornado
  • Operation Vijay
  • Operation Black Thunder
  • Operation Meghdoot
  • Operation Parakram
  • Surgical Strike 2016

Operation Black Tornado-

Who can forget the tragic night of 26/11, it is etched as a night of horror, brutality, monstrosity and terror on every Indian heart. The world for a second time after 9/11 saw how these extremist evils can make the innocent people suffer.

Operation black tornado was launched on the nights of 26/11/2008 terror attacks, when the Pakistani based terrorists invaded Mumbai and launched blind fire in major landmarks of the city of Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Leopold Cafe, Hotel Taj, Hotel Trident – Oberoi and Nariman House were the main locations which witnessed the evil in mask of human that night. National Security Guard (NSG) was air lifted from New Delhi to Mumbai.

Because of multiple locations being targeted at same time the task force was split into teams. In Nariman house team was heli inserted while at other locations they used various other entries and gates. With 175 causalities, 9 terrorist neutralisations and 1 live arrested attacker this is one of the most fierce and unforeseen undertakings by the Indian Black cats.

Operation Vijay-

Out of all the major wars fought by Indian army The Kargil war is the most recent and is still very much alive in all our memories. From the martyrs returning home wrapped in Tricolour to people sticking to their radio and television sets for daily war updates, and from the final moments of then prime minister Lt. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee declaring Operation Vijay a success. Its all still very fresh. This success took the sacrifice of 527 beloved soldiers.

Kargil war is exemplary in terms that it was fought in such difficult terrain on such high altitudes. We got many war heroes; The feeling of patriotism rose across the country and the unquestioned unity of India thrived once again. Even when the enemy was at advantage because of being at higher altitude, but had to bow down to the unparalleled valour of Indian military.

Operation Black Thunder-

Operation black thunder constitutes a number of military operations over a span of decades to subside the Sikh separatist groups, demanding a separate Khalistan for themselves. The first operation took place on 30th April 1986   at Golden Temple Amritsar. The most sacred shrine of the sikh religion was occupied by some 200 separatists for 3 months. No negotiations worked and the military was called in. Local Police, NSG the black cats and the BSF all roped in and the premises were vacated without much resistance with surrender of the militants.

The second major operation took place again at the same holy site of Golden Temple. This time the tussle lasted over days beginning from 9th may 1988 to 18th may 1988. This time 41 militants were killed and 200 surrendered. Temple premises were opened back for public after 2 weeks.

Operation Meghdoot-

Another pearl in the glory is Operation Meghdoot. It is officially executed at world’s highest battle ground i.e., Siachen Glacier in Kashmir. Indian army is the first and only army in the world to have taken heavy war artillery to such high altitudes and executing a military operation there. As a result, Indian armed forces captured the glacier in its entirety.

Apart from the permanent rival neighbour Pakistan here our forces also faced another more lethal and crueller enemy the weather and climatic conditions. As more soldiers were lost due to hypothermia, froze bite and high-altitude sickness. Till 2016 about 922 military lives have been lost in just maintaining position and logistics in such difficult extreme conditions. But this is the spirit of Indian Armed Forces that compels every citizen to be indebted and bowed in front of them, we salute our heroes.

Operation Parakram-

Operation Parakram is not as discussed or mentioned but it one of the major movements of Indian troops across the LOC. After just coming out of Kargil on 13th December 2001, the Pakistani based terror groups launched attack on in- session Parliament assembly in New Delhi. While some major politicians and government officials were still inside the premises. The face-off resulted in killing of 9 security personnel and police members while 5 terrorists were neutralized. This was a direct attack at sovereignty of India. As a result, Operation Parakram was launched a million troops were stationed at LOC. Pakistan was warned, demands of blacklisting involved terror organisations and handing over 20 militants were made. All of these demands were mediated to India by America and only after assurance the operation was considered a success and the troops were withdrawn.

Surgical Strike 2016-  

One of the most recent and first of its kind undertaking by the Indian Army. For the first time Army officially crossed the LOC (Line of Control), before this We never have crossed borders or invaded in other territories for any military operations.

Surgical strikes came as a response to the Pakistan backed terror attack on Indian military base camp near town of Uri in Indian part of Kashmir on 18th September 2016. The Uri attacks shook the country and having a history of such coward attacks by the enemy, the country wanted revenge, a lesson needed to be taught. So exactly after 11 days of attack Indian Army was ready with a plan. 4 teams of Para SF commandos were created, they crossed into the LOC from four different locations. 2-3 km deep penetration into the LOC was done. Operation was planned with collected intelligence from intelligence agencies. Militant bases were mapped and destroyed causing severe damage to the enemies, the response came as a shocker to the militants.

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