What Is SDT In SSB Interview And How To Write Self Description


Self Description Test is a Psychologist test at SSB. This test gives an idea to the Psychologist regarding the considerable information of the candidates and how deep the candidate knows about himself. SDT in ssb, the candidates are given 15 minutes to answer following 5 questions:

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1)  What do you think about yourself giving out your strong and weak points?

2) What qualities would you like to develop?

3) What is the opinion of your friends about you?

4) What is the opinion of your parents about you?

5) What is the opinion of your teachers about you?

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How To Write a Good SDT in SSB:

To write good answers, you should communicate with your parents, teachers, friends, and colleagues and know their opinion about you. The interviewing officer will read your SDT, before you enter into the interview room, and will cross check it by asking various types of question based SDT. So be careful about what you write in your SDT and avoid negative points.  Knowing both positives and negatives traits about you, it gives a good impression to the interviewer. Be truthful in giving your self description and do not try to bluff about your qualities as the psychologist will easily find it out. Do not copy Self Description from a book or internet. Mention your positive personal traits and do not write strong weaknesses. Be strict on your Self Description and don’t contradict during a personal interview. Maintain good handwriting and complete everything in time. Mention the wish list of how you will improve yourself.

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