What is the lifestyle and salary of a territorial army officer

territorial army officer

The Territorial Army officer might be different but the salary and allowances are pretty much similar as regular Army officers. There is no difference in the lifestyle of regular army  and territorial army officers.

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Job Profile of Territorial Army officer  :

  1. Relieve the Regular Army from static duties.
  2. To provide units for the Regular Army as and when required
  3. Maintenance of essential services in situations where life of the communities is affected or the security of the country is threatened
  4. Assist civil administration in dealing with natural calamities.

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Salary of Territorial Army Officer:

The salary of territorial and regular army officers is almost similar. There are some pays which are only for regular Indian Army officers. On Average, the starting salary of territorial army officers is around 67,000/- per month at the initial days. The Salary may vary on the basis of the posting area and nature of work etc. The Rules and regulations of the territorial army are a bit different in terms of Salary and payscale. When you retire from the Indian Territorial Army, you get some retirement pension and some other benefits.

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Incentives and Service Benefits :
  1. Promotion to higher as per authorization.
  2.  Ex-servicemen status and free medical facilities to pensioners.
  3. Facilities of leave, leave encashment, accommodation, and leave travel concessions when embodied for training, military service.
  4. Free rations, CSD facilities, and medical facilities to self and dependants when embodied for training military service.
  5. Rank pay as applicable to regular army.
  6. Entitlement to pension for officers with 20 years and JCOs and other ranks with 15 years aggregate embodied service.
  7. Special increments on completion of three to five annual training camps.
  8. DA as applicable during service embodiment.
  9. Facilities of Army Welfare Housing Organisation after 10 years of embodied/physical service.
  10. Terminal gratuity at the time of discharge/retirement.
  11. Entitlement to all medals and awards as applicable to the Regular Army.

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