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What People do after Clearing NDA

The National Defence Academy (or the NDA) was founded in 1957. It is a prestigious inter-service training institution wherein the future cadets are being trained. This training comprises of a rigorous and disciplined 3 year schedule after the cadets crack the NDA Examination. Thereafter, they can join respective Service Academies. They are the Indian Military Academy, Naval Academy, and the Air Force Academy. Now the main question is What People do after clearing NDA and the answer is:

Many of the aspirants may wonder and be confused about what to do after clearing the NDA Examination. Well, after clearing the final exams and passing out from NDA one could choose their own ways. There are several paths to opt for according to his preference.  If one chooses IAF, after clearing the NDA he can go for AFA for another 1.5 years. If it’s IN, one can opt for the INA. If it’s IA, there is IMA to join for the candidate.  Thereafter, passing out finally from their respective sub-streams, the aspirants can become successful officers serving the Nation. This is exact people do after clearing NDA Examination.

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