What should I do to prepare for NDA?


First of all, we congratulate candidates for choosing Defence Forces as the career of their life. Now to prepare for NDA, the first and most crucial step is to have a discrete knowledge of the syllabus of this exam you can check the syllabus at Dehradun Defence Academy.

Getting information in our syllabus and after scrutinizing all the topics which are going to be included in the exam, you are prepared for the next step. Now candidates should take a look over previous year question papers of about 8 to 10 years. The candidates must now make a chart or summary, which should tell them about how many questions repeatedly come from a particular topic.

And which topic is being not much focused on by the examination committee. This chart making and analyzing the trend of the last question papers will help candidates in judging where they should focus most of the preparation time. Remember, without focus even the suns rays don’t burn

Now that the candidates have prepared a detailed analysis and they are clear about which chapter they should focus on & which chapter they can skip, let us move ahead to the preparation of real game. Defence candidates must know that the NDA question paper have a maximum of 900 marks in total. And as per the analysis of our experts, we can say that the cut off marks range between 320 to 340. So to be on the safer side, let us take the cut off aim as 350.

Yes, that is it. Candidates have to score 350 marks out of 900 marks. However, there is sectional cut off of 33% marks as well. Do not lose hope because to make their entry through the golden gates of NDA, we are here… for brief analysis on the topic, you can check how to crack NDA in first attempt?

Now let us assume that they have cleared the cutoff, and they got selected for another coveted round, which is SSB. SSB is a session that examines the candidate’s physical, mental, and emotional abilities. This session will examine candidates from head to toe.

So preparing for this session is very important and, at the same time, challenging as well. However, no worries!!! as the professionals we have are retired army officers, and their experiences will help them to get through this long-enduring session as well.

In the SSB, in the first step, candidates will be faced with group discussions and personal interviews. If they are selected in this round, t work be added to the six days journey of SSB, which is going to include strict physical endurance tests, real-time case-solving tactics, and some mental skill tests.

Now candidates will be thinking why all this? After clearing this exam, I will be the officers of the world’s third-largest defence systems. In order to prepare candidates for the coveted academy, we will turn them into a wholly groomed individual who will excel on all grounds, i.e., physical mental and emotional.

We will prepare them under the guidance of the best team of experts, which include army professionals, teachers having superb knowledge of the subject and experience of teaching over ten years, martial arts teachers, personal grooming experts, and sports teachers.

We are sure that we will prepare together and will leave no stone unturned to make them win this battle called the NDA exam. You can contact us by providing your details below


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NDA coaching in India
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