10 Things That Make Indian Air Force The Best In The World


The contribution of the Indian air force to the defense of our nation is very important. The Air force helps in protecting the country’s borders from infiltration and counterattacks from the air. As a sovereign nation surrounded by friends and foes, it is important to build a strong Air force unit. Today Indian Air force is perceived as one of the strongest contenders in the world.

Here are 10 Things that make the Indian Air Force the Best in the world. Let’s dive into the details,

1. It Is The Fourth Largest Air Force In The World

Currently, we hold the distinction of being the fourth largest air force in the world after the US Air force. Russian air Force, and Chinese Air force. The Indian Air Force has over 200,000 active personnel in the service as of 2022. 

The Indian Air Force fleet has over 2,000 aircraft including Combat Aircraft, striker aircraft, fighter helicopters, helicopters, transport aircraft, trainer aircraft, and UAVs(Unmanned Aerial vehicles)

2. Excellent Infrastructure And Support Services

One thing that differentiates leading air powers in the world from the others is their establishments. The Indian air force has several commands, training academies, warehouses, and other establishments. 

The Hindon Air force station in Ghaziabad is the largest station in Asia and the 8th latest in the world. We also own the highest Air force station situated at Siachen Glacier at an elevation of 22000 feet or 6700 meters from sea level.

3. Highly Trained And Motivated Personnel

The training of all Air force personnel is rigorous and thorough. They are sent to different stations and undergo physical and mental training for months and years before being commissioned into the air force.

The Garud special commando training is one of the toughest training in the world. It has a straini9ng 52 weeks long training and endurance exercise which is tough to complete. But when you complete the training you come out skilled and motivated for the rest of your life.

4. A Rich History And Traditions

Indian Air force has a rich history that dates back to the year 1932 when it was formed under British India as an auxiliary force. It has significant contributions to international wars and affairs like World War II, the Congo crisis, and the Bangladesh liberation war. It has shown its supremacy in conflicts and wars with China and Pakistan.

5. A Powerful Engineering Team

The lifeline of any air force is its engineering team and technician. All aircraft require constant monitoring and maintenance. Am error of 0.0001% can lead to a big disaster in the air, so there can not be any lags. 

The India Air force technical team is one of the most regarded and technologically advanced teams. When it is a matter of billions of Rupees you cannot go wrong, you have to pinpoint everything and that is our technical team at the Indian Air force. 

With over 20000 massive technical warlords our Indian Air force is at the top.

6. A Special Force

Indian Air force has a special force named “Garud”. This special force has approximately 1500 active Air force personnel working under it. 

The job of this Garud Special force is to protect the Air force bases, establishments, and training grounds, join in case of emergency crisis and help in international ventures, disaster relief, and any other emergency situation. 

They are deployed in different parts of the country and one team of this special force is already serving in Congo as a  part of the UN peacekeeping force.

7. Transport Aircrafts

Indian Air force is a force to reckon with. It has a large and formidable fleet of aircraft that makes it one of the best in the world. Transporting aircraft is the backbone of logistics in the air force. The Indian air force operates 3 of the best transport aircraft n the world, C-17 Globemaster III, C-130J Super Hercules, and Il-76.

8. Introduction of Women Fighter Pilots

In 2016, India commissioned 3 females as fighter pilots which is a unique distinction in the world. It shows the air forces thinking about gender equality and women empowerment. Padmavathy Bandopadhyay became the first female Air Chief Marshal in the Indian Air force.

9. Highest Landing of a Transport Aircraft

In 2013, the Indian Air force achieved a world record by landing the Super Hercules Transport Aircraft on the Ladakh airstrip, the highest landing point at an elevation of 16664 feet or 5079 meters above sea level. Super Hercules aircraft is one of the heaviest transport aircraft in the world. Indian Air force is the only one to operate Hercules, Globemaster in its fleet of aircraft.

10. Lucrative Career & Retirement Options

Indian Air force has been a dream career for lakhs of aspirants every year. It offers one of the most lucrative packages in the world. Its perks, benefits, and retirement package are significant to leading a happy life after the service.

Not to mention the pride  and satisfaction it offers with the job. It is still regarded as the highest form of service in India and the world.


“नभः स्पृशं दीप्तम् “(Nabhaḥ Spr̥śaṁ Dīptam) a verse in Sanskrit which is an excerpt from the Holy Bhagbat Gita is the tagline or motto of Indian Air Force. It means  ”Touch the sky with Glory”. So if you want to take pride in joining the largest democratic Air force in the world then don’t step back, get on the journey now. 

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