Is AFCAT is similar to CDS- How to crack AFCAT Exam?

Is AFCAT is similar to CDS- How to crack AFCAT Exam? – Best AFCAT Coaching in Dehradun

AFCAT is not similar to CDS, there are some differences in the examination pattern and difficult level of the exams. AFCAT is little easy as compare to CDS exam but both the exams need good preparation to clear. In this page we will discuss that how AFCAT is different from CDS and how can you prepare for AFCAT.

As far as the preparation of AFCAT is concerned, joining the best AFCAT coaching in Dehradun is a good choice to make. Before going ahead with preparation of AFCAT, let’s have some discussion on the difference of AFCAT and CDS exam.

How AFCAT is different from CDS exam?

  • The question paper of AFCAT has four sections- English, GK, Mathematics and Reasoning. The overall cut offs for AFCAT varies every year depending on various factors such as number of candidates appearing, difficulty level of exam, number of vacancy etc. In AFCAT exam there is no sectional cut off.
  • On the other hand, CDS question paper for IMA, Nava Academy and Airforce Academy has three sections- English, Mathematics and GK. OTA has only has two sections- English & GK. Each section carries 100 marks. CDS exam has cut offs of about 20% and overall cut off may vary academy to academy.
  • If we talk about only GK section, in CDS it is much more complex and tough to attempt. The candidates need to have thorough knowledge to qualify in GK section and in CDS exam as well.
  • The Mathematics and English sections are more or less equal for all the academies.

How to clear AFCAT Exam- Preparation to qualify AFCAT

  • Tips for Mathematics

Mathematics section of AFCAT exam is quite tough to solve. Go through the detailed syllabus at first to make your study plan accordingly. The topics that cover most of the questions in AFCAT exam are Algebra, Profit & Loss, Speed, Percentage, Time etc. Practice more to get accuracy and clarity in the concepts. Also learn easy tricks to solve the questions of Mathematics.


  • Tips for English

Your English grammar have to be very strong to solve the questions of English section. In the question paper of AFCAT, English is the first section to solve. The study material to prepare for English subject can be obtained from the best AFCAT coaching in Dehradun.

  • Tips for GK

To prepare for GK you have to be aware of the latest happenings around you. You need to collect the information about the latest happenings in different fields such as Sports, Bollywood, International news etc. Apart from these topics you also have to get knowledge about different subjects such as History, Geography, Polity etc.

  • Tips for Reasoning

Most of the students are afraid of reasoning questions. The actual fact is that reasoning is quite easy if your understanding of the concepts very clearly. To prepare for reasoning, you can practice last years question papers to understand the pattern of questions in AFCAT exam.

Some other useful tips for AFCAT Exam

  • Go through the examination syllabus and question paper pattern thoroughly.
  • Practice last year question papers as much as you can to get an idea about the exam.
  • Achieve good accuracy by practicing more.
  • Learn time-management so that you can complete AFCAT question paper in the given time frame.
  • Join the best AFCAT coaching in Dehradun to get quality coaching for AFCAT preparation.

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