Benefits Of NCC Certificate For SSB Interview

NCC certificate benefits

National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the Military Cadet Corps of India. Under NCC, legal training imparted to students. The base camp of NCC is situated in New Delhi. The aim of NCC is to energize the youth of the country and motivate them to join the Indian Armed Forces. In 1948 NCC started in India. The initiative of NCC was undertaken by Germany. Here is the all benefits of NCC Certificate.

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NCC offers three types of certificates :

  • “A” Certificate
  • “B” Certificate
  • “C” Certificate

Benefits of NCC Certificate :

NCC C certificate holders can directly go for the SSB Interview.  If a candidate appears in SSB through examination, he/she can avail some relaxation in the GTO round during the SSB interview. Check NDA coaching with schooling in Dehradun for guidance.

Benefits of NCC “A” Certificate :

NCC “A” Certificate is not that useful in government jobs like other NCC certificates.  NCC “A” testament gives applicants a brief look at the Indian Army and a chance to get the declaration “B” and “C”.

Benefits of NCC “B” Certificate :

Competitors who go through 1 to 2 years in Junior Wing and register 75% participation during the preparation time frame, are granted a “B” Certificate. To get   “B” Certificate in the Senior Wing, it is mandatory to get 75% attendance in NCC training. NCC ”B” Certificate is useful for contenders who need to join the Indian Army as officials. NCC ”B” Certificate holders moreover get extra engravings in the part of transmission interchanges and some other public regions.

Benefits of NCC “C” Certificate :

Candidates have to register at least 75% attendance in third year and must have participated in at least 2 national programs in NCC training, awarded a “C” Certificate. In every regular course of IMA, 32 vacancies are reserved for  NCC “C” Certificate holders.  To join the Indian Military Academy, it is mandatory for candidates to be declared eligible by the SSB. NCC “C” Certificate holders are excluded from CDS.

NCC “C” Certificate holders are qualified for 10 to 15 extra focuses in the paramilitary powers enlistment. In every regular course of INA 9 vacancies are reserved for NCC “C” Certificate holders. To apply for these vacancies, candidates must be graduated in physics, mathematics or B.E/B.Tech graduate. The age of the candidate should be between 19 to 24 years.

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