Best Faculty at Dehradun Defence Academy

The nation comes first and is a national of the country we are always ready to serve our country. We prepare the candidates for NDA to make them capable enough to stand in the front line to protect the country from any kind of danger.

Our faculty plays an important role to train the candidates by providing them the Top NDA training centre in Dehradun. The highly qualified and experienced instructors provide a practical and theoretical approach using modern techniques for NDA preparation. The faculty at Dehradun Defence Academy focuses on the personality development of the candidates along with preparing them for written exam and SSB interview. Personality development sessions are important as the candidates are also evaluated on these parameters during the personal interview stage.

Simultaneously, Dehradun Defense Academy being the best NDA coaching institute after 10th in Dehradun is quite strict about discipline where every candidate is under surveillance. Every candidate has to follow the code of conduct of the academy. The faculty also takes care of the progress of the candidates regularly. They conduct regular tests to track the progress of the candidates to analyze what are the areas where they need to focus more on improvement.

Our Amazing Faculty

Saurabh Kumar

Ex. Inspector Income Tax

He overseas the entire curriculum of academics. He personally teaches General Knowledge, General Science and Current Affairs. We offer you a seasoned faculty with years of experience.

Aditya Tripathi


Inspector Aditya tirpathihas a knack of cracking exams and his inputs are extremely valuable to our students .
He’ll be teaching our students how to attempt the questions during exams and various strategies to study . How to complete the syllabus in a timely manner and revise it.

Varun Joshi

Ex. Sub Inspector

Sub inspector varun joshi has been teaching English for 10 years now. English may be a problem for students out there but not for the students of DEHRADUN DEFENSE ACADEMY.

SSB Interview preparation at Dehradun Defence Academy

SSB Interview is a kind of big hurdle for the candidates preparing for NDA. Most of the students find this stage quite tough. However, the NDA written exam is one of the tough examinations in India. If you qualify for this exam, this is not just enough to get success in NDA. The candidates have to qualify SSB interview & personal interview stages to get final selection. Well, we train the candidates for the SSB interview also.

Dehradun Defense Academy is one of the best SSB coaching institutes in Dehradun and SSB interview preparation is a part of this coaching. We equally focus on the SSB interview along with NDA written exam. SSB interview has several tests including screening tests, Officer Intelligence Rating, Picture Perception Discussion Test, etc. NDA selection does not only mean evaluating a candidate based on his physical strength but the mental strength of the candidate is equally considered for the defense sector.

We prepare the candidate for all these tests so that they can perform well in the SSB interview. Physical training is also a part of NDA coaching in Dehradun that trains the candidates for the SSB interview stage. Our trainers conduct various physical activities to improve the strength of the candidates. Simultaneously, the instructors conduct some activities specially designed to boost the mental strength of the candidates.

If you are passionate to join the Indian Army then you can join Dehradun Defence Academy to get the best NDA Crash Course Coaching. We will guide you to achieve your goal of joining the Indian Army.

Benefits of joining Dehradun Defence Academy

• An affordable fee structure that makes it easy to join the NDA coaching in Dehradun.
• Quality education under the proper guidance of experienced faculty and trainers.
• Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms and study rooms.
• Regular tests and sports activities to track the performance of the candidates.
• Well-equipped library to facilitate the candidates to prepare for NDA selection.
• Extracurricular activities to improve interpersonal skills like debates, quiz, group discussion, declamations, group planning, group tasks, etc.
• Spoken English classes to improve the communication skills of the candidates.
• Computer awareness sessions.
• Both medium of instructions i.e. Hindi and English for the easy understanding of the candidates.
• Best study material to prepare for NDA written test specially designed as per the examination pattern.
• We also provide online support to our candidates to make the NDA coaching in Dehradun much easier.
• Special sessions for current affairs discussions to make the candidates aware of what is happening around the world.
• Feedback sessions for the self-analysis of the candidates.
• Motivational speeches, movies, etc. to motivate the candidates towards their goal.

If you chose to join the Indian Army it shows your dedication towards the nation. If you chose Dehradun Defence Academy it means you want to be a part of one of the best NDA coaching institute in Dehradun and you are ready to work hard to achieve your goal.

NDA coaching in India
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