First Women In The Indian Armed Forces

Do you know there have been numerous extraordinary characters in our Indian history. Who has made their name most noteworthy in the nation by doing incredible work in their life? In this article we are giving you data about the names and accomplishments of the First Women In The Indian Armed Forces.

First Women in The Indian Armed Forces:

First Lady Cadet of Indian Army:

On September 21, 1992, Priya Jhingan enrolled as 001 — the first lady cadet of Indian Army. In 1992, she wrote a letter to the Army Chief himself, asking him to let women in. A year later Priya Jhingan and the other 24 new females were selected.

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First Women Commando Trainer:

Dr. Seema Rao is India’s First Woman Commando Trainer. She graduated from Indian specific classes for years without any compensation, that close quarter battle – an art of fighting in close proximity. Her work was attended by Major Deepak Rao, who was awarded the President’s Medal by the Indian President.

First Women Vice Admiral:

In 2004, Punita Arora became the first Indian woman to reach the rank of Vice Admiral in the Indian Navy. Punita received the distinguished Service Medal in 2002. Earlier, she was the commandant of the Armed Forces Medical College, the first woman at the helm of the institute.

First Woman Air Marshal:

Padmavati Bandhopadhyay was the first woman Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force. She has been the Director-General of Medical Services. She was the first woman to conduct scientific research at the North Pole and she was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal for her meritorious service during the 1971 Indo-Pak conflict.

First Woman Sword of Honor:

Divya Ajit Kumar became the First Woman cadet who received the Sword of Honor. On 26 January 2016, Captain Divya Ajit Kumar was the first woman who led a contingent of 154 women officers and cadets in Republic Day Parade 2015.


First Woman Fighter Pilot:

On June 18, 2016, Lt. Nivedita Chaturvedi was commissioned as first woman Fighter Pilot. She is also the first woman from the Indian Air Force to summit the Mountain Everest.

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First Woman soldier:

Shanti Tigga is the First Woman soldier in the Indian Army. She rated as the best trainee in the entire performance at the RTC, including physical tests, drills, and shootings, when she was 35 and had two children. During fitness tests in her training, she defeated all male counterparts. She joined the 969 Railway Engineer Regiment of Territorial Army in 2011.

First Female Officer Who Received Sena Medal:

In February 2011, Lt Col Mitali Madhumita became India’s first female officer to receive the Sena Medal for exemplary courage during operations in J&K and the northeast. In february 2010 she extricated nearly 19 officers of the Army training team who were buried beneath the rubble and rushed them to hospital, when Indian embassy in Kabul was attacked by suicide bombers.

First Woman Officer to Lead a Training Contingent:

Lt Col Sophia Qureshi is the first woman officer to lead a training contingent of the Indian Army the ASEAN Plus multinational field training exercise in 2016. She was the only woman officer Contingent Commander among all ASEAN Plus contingents.

First Woman Air Force Officer to Fly Combat Zone:

Gunjan Saxena who is also known as ‘Kargil Girl’, was the first woman pilot who flew in a combat zone in the 1994 Kargil war. During Kargil, she evacuated many injured Indian Army soldiers. Later, she became the first woman recipient of the Shaurya Vir Award.

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