How to crack SSB interview in first attempt?

ssb crash course- ssb crack in first attempt

Fresher candidates have the higher chances of clearing the SSB interview.

Here are some tips which will help you in clearing SSB interview in your first attempt :

  1. Be Yourself and Don’t Be Nervous : Nervousness can be your biggest enemy in the SSB. It is very likely that you will try all the means to get to know the SSB. While listening to other’s experiences, don’t try to copy their views and strategies. If you try to be someone else and try to follow set patterns about how others approached their SSB then your chances go down significantly. The most important thing in SSB is being you,they take you for who you are. Express yourself out there. Show them why you deserve to be a part of the Indian Defence force.
  2. Be Honest : This is highly applicable in an SSB interview. If you speak the truth there are two possibilities, either you will be selected or you won’t be.A basic level of abstraction will definitely help you and so you try to speak only as much is required. You should be honest with the whole procedure of SSB. Don’t be too upfront is at all advisable. Maintain the gap of interviewer and candidate.
  3. Practice Daily : It is advisable to practice for the Psychi Tests daily, because these tests are done under a very strict time constraint, by practicing them in advance,will help you a lot in managing the time there.
  4. Be a regular reader of the newspaper and don’t miss even the minutest details. You need to be aware about what is happening in your nation and in the world, have a strong point of view towards the cases.
  5. Know Yourself : You should know about yourself, your surrounding and you must be aware of the details about your family like their occupation, good/bad points etc. Make sure that you know in details about your hobbies or the games you have played. They will not reject you if can’t answer a single question related to the forces or the current affairs, however they will reject you if you can’t answer questions related to yourself. Your personality should reflect that you are an assertive person, right from your answers in psychi tests to your personality and behavior in GT and Interview.
  6. Friendly With Your Group : It is really important, since there are almost 7-8 tasks which you have to do as a group and where it counts whether or not your group likes you. Since the testing is done in groups hence it is important that each one in your group likes you. GTO judges your capacity on group work, leadership quality  and confidence in yourself. Lead group from the front in command task.
  7. Dress up : Your dress up is important in casting a good impression in front of others. You have to be dressed appropriately according to the occasion. There are guidelines available for both men and women on what all they can wear in SSB. Be dressed smartly, as it gives you confidence and an overall good impression to the interviewing officers.
  8. Physical fitness : You have to be physically fit, since you have to do physical tasks there. If you’ll be physically fit your personality will reflect that. It is advisable to do some running/light exercise regularly, a daily run would help build stamina for the GTO.


SSB Coaching Course by Dehradun Defence Academy :

Dehradun Defence Academy is a multifaceted Institute, the spectrum of our activities spans Personality and Aptitude Assessment, Leadership and Team Building and Soft Skills Development. A series of interventions based on self evaluation, team dynamics and intra-group activities have been evolved by Dehradun Defence Academy’s SSB team.Dehradun Defence Academy have evolved a process to first understand what you are – We analyze your strength and weaknesses and thereafter work upon to evolve and overall personality that genuinely fits that of an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. A candidate is not tutored but trained to think and act pragmatically, efficiently and effectively for his entire lifetime.

Dehradun Defence Academy is best known for SSB Preparation, SSB Interview Coaching, Aptitude Testing and Counselling, Assessment Center and Competency Mapping.Dehradun Defence Academy team of Pshychologists, GTO’s and Interviewing officers identifies the strength of a candidates and then work upon enhancing these qualities to make them prominent and hence noticeable at the selection centre. Therefore Dehradun Defence Academy students don’t fake themselves at the SSB by giving mugged up replies and invariably face rejection. Dehradun Defence Academy procedure is unlike others and is aimed at optimising your chances of success making SSB a pleasant experience.

*How to crack SSB interview in first attempt ?

SSB INTERVIEW COURSE  :     15 Days      –      Rs.8,500/-


SSB Team of Dehradun Defence Academy :



He heads the SSB department of the DEHRADUN DEFENCE SCHOOL. He has served as a GTO at Mysore for 4 years and as a senior GTO at Dehradun, was an instructor at NDA for 2.6 years. He was the director of world military games 2007. He has also represented India at world university games at Canada in 1983 and won bronze in 200 meters. As an assessor and a mentor he has no parallel.



An ex special forces para commando , he takes care of the strength and conditioning of the aspirants. He has prepared a healthy regimen suitable for the age group of the aspirants and theystart their morning at 5:30 am in with Puran sir. Discipline is on the top of his “ to be ingrained” list.


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